Friday, December 31, 2010


It's the time of year once again. The double faced assassin is just across the street, and in a few fours from now, we will all  bid farewell to the first year of the new decade. And so, in keeping with the tradition that I started in another blog, but for the first time, will be done in two successive years on this blog (a record of sort),   I present to you the year’s best and worst as I know it. A personal hit list and awards of anything that I can think of and my closing remarks before we let the rat run out of the house.
Movie of the Year (shown this year) = The Town
Favorite movie i saw this year (regardless when it was originally shown) = The Usual Suspects
Memorable Movie of the year = Legends of the Guardians
Documentary of the Year = ESPN 30 for 30 (Once Brothers)
Best Actress = Sandra Bullock (Blindside)
Best Actor = Manny Pangilinan (Rosario)
Showbiz Crush of the Year = none
Sexy Star of the year = Ai Ai Delas Alas
PBA Team of the Year = Smart Gilas
NBA Team of the Year = Miami Heat
Team of the Year = Philippine Azkals
Basketball Player of the Year = Kiefer Ravena
Boxer of the Year = Nonito Donaire
Disappointment of the Year = Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas Asian Games Performance
Filipino Athlete of the Year = Neil Etheridge
Song of the Year (must be released this year) = Billionaire by Bruno Mars
Band of the year = Radiohead
Most memorable song of the year (regardless when originally released) = A Wolf at the Door by Radiohead
Name of the year = Chupachup Suckadicka
Chicheria of the year = Kornet's
Snack House of the Year = Jha Jha's Baon Haus
Drink of the year = Yakult
Toy of the Year = Bret Hart 3 inch Scale Action Figure
Dish of the Year = Pearly Shell's Baby Back Ribs
Discovery of the year = Godfrey Ho Movies
Event of the year = A Death :( and A Wedding :)

Where should I begin? 2010 is a pretty tough year for me. A tupsy turvy one. The emotional ride was quite erratic.

Early this year, I finally finished the project that I have been doing for two years. And it will not be a far out idea that what I or we did, helped our city even a little during the energy crisis that we experienced. But in the process, I actually skipped celebrating our First Valentines Day with my gf, since we were to energize the following day. Oh well, that's life. :)

One of my best friends (there are only 3 of them) , Earl passed away this year. The experience was quite difficult to be honest. I really can't put to words the emotions involved on this one. I know everyone, from his wife and kids, as well as his family and friends also feels the same. This shocking event came a month after I got involved in a minor accident. These events took me back to earth, and got reminded of my own mortality. We were at our peak, we felt that our time was coming to become really significant on this world. We are in the process of realizing the things that we only used to talk about and dream about when we were young. But then again, there are reasons and purposes far greater than we all are. 

One of the best events this year was the wedding of my other best friend Rosibal. I became a best man for the first time, in lieu of Earl. Rosibal like most of us, has been through a lot. To be rewarded for all your effort and hard work with someone worth sharing your whole life with is indeed a blessing. And I was extremely happy for my guy. 

Professionally, I am having a so called inner struggle. I am doing good at work. I can always be good at work even if I do it with closed eyes. But somehow, there is something that I seek that I just can't find at the moment. Greater challenges perhaps. Business wise, the outlook is not that good. We are hoping, praying hard, and asking for a miracle that the business tides will turn our way.

Amidst my gloomy, disappointing, and not so great year, the only thing that was constantly uplifting was, and is the presence of my ever supportive and loving girlfriend. My only source of inspiration through it all. I could not imagine how life this year would have been without her support. She was with me in my worse of times, even if I can barely make it up with her. She was there through my difficulties, may it be great, like Earl's demise or my business rants. She was also there when Gilas and Azkals lost or if our monetized blog, won't meet our projection. What a person, what a support. Thanks uyab. muah muah.

And so, 2010 is out in a couple of hours. So are the memories and events that shaped and made it.
Here's to the fears and tears, and cheers that goes along with it.
Let The Rabbit In. :)
Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


How would you know that you are sad?
When someone came and made you feel happy, like you've never been happy before.

How do you know that you are strong?
When someone is there who gives you reason to be stronger.

How do you know that you are broken?
When someone is there who patiently and painstakingly by your side, picks up the pieces, together one by one, and slowly put them all together to make you whole.

How do you know that you are being loved?
When someone is there to do and to be the reason of everything that was stated above, and gave much much much more, yet asks for nothing in return.

Am I not the luckiest of person in the world to have meet such. Indeed I have, and am very thankful for it. My only wish is that I could even at least return some part of it.

The past year has been an eye opener of sort for me, being with my uyab. I thought I knew love, but definitely I don't. She showed my what truly love is, and how someone should be loved. It is not like what you read in romantic books (because I don't read one), nor what you see in the movies. It is waaaaaaaay beyond it, salig lang.

It is not perfect though. There were times, crazy times that would make you feel uncertain. But perfection is a life long process that I am and hopefully but with great degree of certainty that you are willing to undertake together. :P

To my everdearest Precious Pearly Shell. Thanks for everything, and anything that will come thereafter. I hope I am worth the wait. Happy Birthday,Merry Christmas and...
Happy Paper Day

I love you more not less

Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is probably the entry with the longest title in the history of SKEWeD LOGIC. What we are ecstatic to share to you some of our finds in recent times. Ok there are only three, so you may be able to really check them out.


They dubbed it as the book and motion picture event of the generation. A generation that I must admit, that I will never be a part of, if we base the tagging of this generation by the movie's tag line.

For starters, I have never read, even a single line from the book. And also, I have never watched (or did I) a movie of the franchise in its entirety prior to this one. I am talking about Hewlett Packard, err Harry Potter, the boy who lived.


Deadpool Alone
I got a chance to watch Toy Story 3 with my favorite playmate, my GF of course and I cant help but relate with Andy. But before that, let me tell you that, I simply love toys.

I am a toy player, not a toy collector. For me, a collector will buy, or collect toys without necessarily playing it. They get joy from the fact they they have a hard to find, not necessarily but most of the time expensive, or any highly sought after toys.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


With everything but the shouting, over for the Philippine delegation, it is now time to make an advance farewell to our out of this world coverage of the Asian Games in Guangzhou China. This pretty much gives way to the return to the skewed world of this blog.

As of this writing, and with no expected surprises in the next two days, we are probably done with our medal hauls currently at 3 Golds, 3 Silvers, and 9 Bronze medals. We are probably end up in the top 20.


CHINA VS IRAN Semi finals game in basketball at 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. We'll provide possible streaming links.

Look for CCTV-5 or CCTV - 12
Iranian Channel IRIB - 3

We do hope that one of these channels will broadcast it as it is one important ballgame. Winner goes to finals against South Korea.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



This is it. A chance for redemption. And we hope we got it covered with the links below.. Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas vs South Korea for a semifinals berth at the Asian Games. Links are 50% sure this time. Game time is 1:15 in the afternoon.
But as always, there is the possibility that they will show a different ballgame. There is also a chance that they will show a women's basketball game by halftime. So sitback relax and enjoy the game.
Let's all unite. One team, one cheer, one tears, go Pilipinas.
Let's win it this time Gilas.

Monday, November 22, 2010




This is it folks. It's win or go home time for Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas. A win here is a must, anything else simply means we are eliminated. So let us all watch, just like in 2002, and hope that a different outcome will emerge.

Below are links for the game. 730 game will feature Iran vs Qatar while our game is at 9:30. The ideal scenario would be, Iran beating Qatar, and of course us winning over Taiwan. This is to place us at 3rd spot and to face South Korea in the quarters, who in theory is relatively weaker than China. But not necessarily, and what the heck, even before think of that, we should beat Taiwan first.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to batter someone, and will batter someone if he wants to. The problem is nowadays, he no longer wants to do it on the ring.

After an alleged gun shooting at a bowling alley, and battery and physical  abuse of his girlfriend, comes another battery accusation, this time involving security guards of his homeowner's association. The issue, parking violations.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


click here

Ok. Hold on to your horses as this station may broadcast live the game between Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas vs Qatar in the 16th Asian Game. This is the 2nd game for team Philippines in the main stage, and a win is a must to ensure hitch free passage to the quarterfinals. Actually, it is a virtual must win game for our team. Link after the jump.


After a shaky game against "lowly" Kuwait, where Team Pilipinas narrowly escaped with a 76-69 victory, the realization came. It came in the form of the Iranian National Team.


It's been quite a while since I made a movie critique/ review. It's been also a while since I saw a movie worth the time wasted. But I recently saw a movie that is one; The Town.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Team Philippines Captures its first gold medal, 3 days after the opening ceremonies of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games in China. It was brought to us courtesy of one of our power keglers, Biboy Rivera.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Like you, I also want to watch the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou. I have been bit*hing about the lack of coverage by our local television stations in here. This forced me, as always to look for live streaming in the net, just to whet the need for coverage.


I know that you are in this site because you are scouring the web for a free live stream of this fight. We won't make your life further hard, so we scoured the web ourselves to look for these quality links.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Asian Games is just around the corner, and Manny Pacquiao's fight is less than a week. Skewed Logic on the other hand will temporarily shift to sports mode.

With less than a week to go, 3 days in fact before the opening of Guangzhou Asiad, there is still no Philippine Broadcaster. Such a disservice to the Filipino's don't you think. This means, that we may not be able to see our athletes compete and give glory to our country. Pretty much the same scenario last year wherein we were not able to watch Laos, hosting and out athletes competing during the SEA Games.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


On November 14, 2010, approximately twelve years after his historic victory against Chatchai Sasakul that was held at an open field of a State College in Thailand, Manny Pacquiao is going to face Antonio Margarito of Mexico. From fighting for a 112 lb weight limit title in 1998, he is now going to fight at a 154 lbs limit, notwithstanding the catch weight.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Note: Today is Skewed Logic's Birthday and this is our 50th post. Go figure... :)

On December of 1998, a contender from the Philippines named Manny Pacquiao was scheduled to face one of the most highly touted and feared champions in the history of the flyweight division; Chatchai Sasakul of Thailand. The fight is for the WBC's flyweight diadem, held by Sasakul, whom during that time was on an 13 fight winning streak. This includes avenging his then lone defeat, against Yuri Arbachakov, in route to winning the title and defending it twice.


I barely noticed it but it's a year already.
My hen house is now a year older.
Here's to more fun.

Happy Birthday SKEWeD LOGIC !!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010




One of the most horrific times of the season have just ended in most parts of the country at least. Nope, I am not talking about All Saints and Souls Day nor Halloween, because it is just about to start. But it is just as equally horrible.
Its the time of the season,  wherein you will see people whom you never knew existed, neighbors whom before hand never uttered a word to you, now suddenly wants to shake your hand, and the time of the season wherein you are subjected to torturous sound of their crappy jingles. This the time wherein horrible creatures having the guts and no shame to actually ask for themselves to be elected for the office. Yes I am talking about the recently concluded Brgy Elections.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hail To The Thief Effect

Note: Listen to this song, feel the pinch. It is not a love song, yet it talks about love in the most sublime of way.

We do good things. Ok, most of the time, we try to do good things in anticipation, or even obvious wish that better things will come out of it. Nothing really wrong with it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Steve Grandeza's Championship in Question

It's not every day that the Philippines could produce a world champion. Better yet, it is not every day that Davao City produces a world champion. But every day, somewhere along the coast of Davao, and the Philippines in general, once you'll get relative success, someone would always try to question it and pull you down, whether they have a valid reason or don't.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



I know that you know, that you are spending too much time on your facebook. Most likely, your justification in doing such is that you are socializing with your friends, or catching up with long lost acquaintances or you are selling and into business, just using FB as a medium. This despite the reality that you are probably there spending more time to play games, attending your farms, playing poker, or being a mobster boss.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is October 10, 2010. Pundits would refer to it simply as 10-10-10. There is nothing "special" on this day per se, other than what some we're told to believe in. Yes, it falls on a sunday. A family day for some, rest day for many, holy day for those who observe, or simply just another day for those who don't care.

But there is something about it, the number 10 that some would make others believe that this day is special. For starters, 10 is usually associated with perfection. It is the first double digit number in the Hindu Arabic numerals. May it be in sports, beauty contests, even in short quizzes that usually are made up of only 10 items, we always aim to be number one, by scoring 10. The perfect 10.

Thursday, October 7, 2010




I got my early Christmas gift [though I know I'll still get one ;)] in the form of a book, given by my ever dearest girlfriend. This is one of those moments that I really got caught off guard and excited upon opening and knowing what was inside the box. The book is called, Pacific Rims, written by Rafe Bartholomew.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


You’ve probably heard and received some disturbing email out of all places, from Nigeria, regarding some unclaimed amount of money left to the sender. The figures are ridiculously huge, and the sender is seeking help from you in retrieving it. These are called the 419 scam. It is taken from an article of the Nigerian Penal Code under which scammers will be prosecuted.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I bet you have a cellular phone and chances are, you have more than one. It seems like everybody has cellular phones nowadays and it is no big deal. It is a norm. This was a far cry during the early 90’s wherein having one, albeit the soap bar appearances and massive weight is such a big thing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


“Ang bilis ng oras”, the bride quipped after the wedding rites and reception that followed.

I am not married yet, but I do understand what exactly she meant by that. The pressure of the preparations, the countless calls, txt to friends, the invitations, the coordination and making contacts with all the people involve. The sleepless nights, the apprehensions on the decisions, confusions on the things to come and all the excitement; it seems like it took forever to conclude. When it finally arrived, everything happened like a blur, as it seems.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strange Day

I was sleeping soundly when I started hearing screams emanating from our neighbors. I was supposed to wake up at around 10 am today to rest my body, but then again a drunk neighbor decided to climb a tree and decided to sleep on top. Heard from the background is his mother begging him to dismount from the tree.

CHOPSUEY Movies Legend

One of the great things when you are on vacation is the luxury of even a slimmest of time to discover some of the things that you never knew existed. Now, you have probably heard, seen and might have made essays or term papers that are combination of statements, facts, practically work of other authors, that are probably also a combination of statements and work of other authors. I use to call these as chopsuey or halo halo works. Thanks mainly to the advent and presence of the internet, these have become rampant in the contemporary times.

But one step ahead of them all is a man that I whose craft and art I recently discovered. Meet:
Alton Cheung
Benny Ho
Bert Brooks
Bob Poe
Bruce Lambert
Burt Petersen
Carmen Heller
Charles Lee
Daniel Wells
Edgar Jere
Felix Tong
Fong Ho
George King
Godfrey Hall
Joe Livingstone
Ken Ashley
Mark Coston
Mick Stuard
Richard Philips
Ted King
Tommy Cheung
Victor Sears
Wallace Chan
Ho Chi-Keung
Ho Chieh-Chiang
Hoh Chi-Keung
Ho Chih-Chiang
Ho Jang-Cheon
Hoh Jun-Sing
Zhi Jiang He

His name is really Godfrey Ho and those names above are his aliases. He is not really a criminal, a movie director and producer in fact. But his movies are so horrendous and borderline stupid and criminal. That is the probably the reason for those aliases, maulaw pud siguro. :)
All of his movies are martial arts themed. I don't know what's with him but the elements of the movies always includes ninjas, zombies, vampires, and robots. Poor lighting, bad acting, stupid stunts and dialogues are also a staple of his movies. I believe some of his movies also dealt with the bruceploitation genre.

But the most amazing thing about his movies are the obvious cut and paste techniques that it utilize. It is very obvious that scenes from different unfinished movies are patched up to create new one, like watching a single movie with many movies in one, with less care on the story and coherence.

To fully understand what I am blabbing, be amazed at this videos:

As crazy as his movies are, he was able to make 200+ cut and paste movies that were distributed in Asia and probably the other planets also. Best of all, all of his great efforts were actually rewarded as he is now one of the teachers in the prestigious Hongkong Film Academy. Hahahaha. Who's crazy now ninja?

I actually downloaded some of his ninjas/vampire/robots/zombies movies to fully enjoy the cut and paste feel since you tube video cannot really capture its essence. Want some? :p
As they say, a true ninja knows Godfrey Ho.

BLOGGING and the 4 P’s of Marketing

During my MBA class back then, Marketing (the subject) was one of my most anticipated one. I heard quite a lot of stories about how interesting it is from really old people. I have also read marketing books (though not that much) and find some of it to be interesting and informative. But as we know by now, disappointments in life are of common occurrence, and my marketing class turned out to be a snooze fest.

Come the comprehensive exams, I am not really sure what I am going to do with the perceived (my own perception that is) lack of understanding on the subject matter. But good thing that life is full of disappointments, as it turned out that the exams were relatively easy for me. You know why? It was just all about utilizing one, single, bisan isa lang ka idea or concept in marketing.

I may not be an MBA yet during that time, but I have common sense. The simplest thing to do then is to utilize the simplest and easily remembered concept and take off from there, which is, tadan; the 4 P’s of marketing.

Notwithstanding my long intro, the 4 P’s says that Marketing decisions generally fall into the four controllable categories: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. This entry really is related to blogging and tries to come up with a fun analogy, parallelism and irony between the two.

In business (unless blogging is your business), the objective is ultimately to sell the product and contribute to the bottom line. In blogging, you don’t necessarily need to sell the product, meaning nobody needs to read your blogs and yet it would contribute to your bottom line.

Many are blogging just to release pent up emotions. Some would even prefer that nobody will read their posts. Some blogs are only directed to certain individuals or groups. But more often than not, bloggers wants as much traffic as possible for one reason or another. May it be for monetizing or they just want to feel appreciated for their ideas.

In business, price plays the biggest factor in determining whether you will be a patronized or not. Will we be doing premium pricing or mass produced pricing. These are the usual issues.

In blogging, it is how much are you willing to pay, both literal and figurative that determine how your blog will roll. Are you willing to spend long hours even up to dawn in tweaking your html much to the detriment of your sleep? Are you willing to give up a portion of your privacy and share to the world some of your deepest secrets and desires? How much money and resources are you actually spending in doing all these stuff?

In business it generally refers to the ways on how your product reaches your customer. It talks about logistics, distribution channels, market coverage, among others. It is diverse and wide in scope.

In blogging, all you need to be is in your house, coffee shop with free wifi, net cafes or even hulog2x piso internet stalls/ machines. Yet it is even more diverse and world wide web in scope.

In business much time, effort and money is spent in promoting the product. Certain strategies are even employed as to optimize the promotional activities. The goal will always be to generate a positive customer response.

In blogging, you may or may not promote your product (again unless you are blogging for money). If there is a promotional strategy such as push or pull in business, in blogging it is just; publish, delete, public or private. It is interesting to note though that blog that are monetize, tend to do lots of promotion, even to the point of spamming.

The 4 P’s was only a very useful tool on the early times of the marketing concept. Blogging on the other hand just kept getting bigger, nastier and lot’s of irrelevant posts such as this entry are proliferating. :P

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MAGIC Number

Any number could be it. Mine was, is and will always be nine. My B-day, her bday, the most magical, mysterious and consequential of all.
But I am required to do it.
Rub your magic 8 gently
But the magic words will always be.....I love you.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I glanced upon a book when I was in grade 3. I was vacationing then in an uncle’s house in a province of North Cotabato. It has a dark or almost black cover with a sort of rising sun emblem on the center, with great similarity to that of the Miss Saigon logo. The book’s title; The Art of War. The author, Sun Tzu

My understanding back then, was that the book probably speaks of war. And with an Oriental sounding author, it is probably a war that involves martial arts.
Where the protagonists and antagonists would kick and scream and fly with their swords and daggers and bows and arrows and everything. The kind that I used to see every Sunday morning on RPN 9.

I could remember that back then, I actually opened few pages and read some phrases. I am not sure anymore what happened after, but all I can remember was that it did not caught my attention. I left it, went outside and play along with my cousins.

It was only when I was in college that I got interested on the book. It is during my “knowledge hunt” that I have decided to look what this book has to offer. This was the time that I got interested to “classic”, such as Newton’s Principia, or Boyles’ Theory on Gasses.

Sun Tzu is a Chinese general, circa 500 B.C., sometime referred to as Sun Wu, and Sun Tzi. I even mistaken Sun Tzu for Lao Tze, the founder of Taosism. Primarily for the fact that the most fundamental of Sun Tzu's principles for the conduct of war is that "All warfare is based on deception". Another key Sun Tzu principle is that "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. Now, these principles bear the basic characteristics that are taught in Taoism by Lao Tze.

During the time that it was written, China was basically made of warring states. It is during this time that there is a high demand for military leaders and armies that would go from different leaders selling their military skills. The book covers a variety of different aspects of warfare including laying plans, waging war, terrain, energy, maneuverings, and even the use of spies.

The applicability goes beyond boundaries and breaks cultural barriers, as not only the Chinese that were influenced by the book, but other nations as well. The works of Sun Tzu have been widely known in the United States since the mid-1970s. Diplomat Henry Kissinger has made reference to Sun Tzu and the principles for the conduct of warfare have been the subject of serious study in U.S. military circles for many years. The Art of War as applied to business, sports, diplomacy and personal lives has been popularized in American business and management texts. Sun Tzu may be the most frequently quoted Chinese personality in the world today.

For me, it is all about understanding human conflict in every ways possible. People are afraid of what we don’t understand. If we are afraid, we tend to make erroneous judgment. If we fully understand the nature of things, in this case conflict, only then that could we truly be prepared for its resolution.

The teaching takes a rational approach to the problem of conflict, as oppose to emotional one. It is taught that conflict can not only be resolved, but more importantly, and preferably, it can be prevented.

It pinpoints that greed and anger are the fundamental causes of failure, while the emotionless or detached fighter will win. Not the hot headed, not the one seeking vengeance or the ambitious fortune seeker.

Finally, though the title of the book may be associated with violence or attack, the book is actually an advocate of preventing it. This echoes the idea of combat as a last resort. The ideal situation is to winning without fighting. If it is done, then ultimate victory is achieved.

However, Sun Tzu is smart. Sun Tzu was very aware that war should be the last resort but if you were going to "do war" then you should do it properly and ruthlessly to ensure victory.
hasta la vista, loco

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ID4 (The Annual Banter)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
Happy Independence Day.

Why ID4? Isn't this the American Version of Independence Day? The 4th of July extravaganza?

No, this is not in reference to the American Independence Day on the 4th of July. I just used the ID 4 since this will be the 4th time that I'll be wasting your time on my Independence day blog. The 4th Installment dating back as far as when I was still at 1st blog site.

It is also a Yes, since for the lack of better understanding on the issue, I am one of those who believe that technically our Independence Day should have been on the 4th of July, from the Americans. This is in conjunction with the beliefs of many historians, philosophers, rockers, hip hoppers, constitutionalists, artists, scientists, yuppies, and rapists. (see my previous blogs if you can, to understand what I mean)

But what the heck, do we really still care about these things anymore? Or do we only see these times of the year, as the time of the year wherein a lot street vendors are selling flags and flag lets. The TV shows are flooded with movies about Rizal and Bonifacio, starring Cezar Montano, Joel Torre and Gardo Verzosa. Your local variety shows singing patriotic OPM music and dancing the folk dances to the tune of Lady Gaga's music.

Worse, do we even know what is the difference between (as oppose to who) Jose Rizal and Tony Stark, they are both distinguished lover boys, right? Or Andres Bonifacio and Wolverine, aren't they both fearful and savage fighters? Or Lapu Lapu and the Prince of Persia, aren't they both with royal pedigree?

Like many of us, I also "don't really" know. All I am sure about is that all of them are superheroes. One is real, the other is not. As for who or what is real, well, another hazy issue for me.

Just bear in mind that what they went through. Just for you, and me. In order for everyone of us to enjoy our condition right now.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

M.O.S 09

"Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection into eternal life"

The departure to the better of world of EARL SAAVEDRA, one of my two best friends, a founding father of MOSTECH, came as a shock to all of us. For one, everything came without a warning. He wasn't sick because that guy was as healthy as a horse. Nor he got beaten by people with grudges or something, because he was a very good person. He tragically died due to an accident. Everything was so sudden.

As certain as death is, lies the uncertainty when would it exactly come. Hard to accept as it is, I have to say goodbye to to an exceptional person. A caring son to his mother, a loving and supportive husband to his wife Flordy, was, is and definitely would have been, a sturdy and excellent father to his son Mikko. A friend to us all. My best friend.

Rest in peace MOS 09
Eternally missed, never will be forgotten...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Whine Time

I unusually get tired a lot earlier and easier these past few days. It is probably due to thinking, no, make it considering problems that have yet or not even sure that would occur.

It is hard when you are told be like this, then hear through a grapevine that you might be doing this and that. Complaining is among the farthest of words in my relatively short line of vocabulary. Yes I observe and often I critique, but I seldom, no, make it very200000x seldom complain.

This is one of those very200000x seldom times. This is one of those times wherein I feel like I am one of those toys that I have.

Or Am I not.

Yun lang!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

ELECTION DAY - An Ode To A Successful Defeat

It has been a tradition of mine to listen to a particular song every election day, since 1998. I found this song as early as 1995, a 45-rpm vinyl record, stacked along with so many many "plakas" as it is called, in the then house of my grandparents in Kidapawan.

You have probably not heard of this song since it is not really that popular. It will never become popular. It is not catchy, lyrically weak, musically awful. But for nostalgia and the heck of it, I just need to play this every time of the season.

Some members of our family, for reasons unknown to me, are into politics. Some gained success, while most did not. Not really a big time politicians, but I would say, trying hard to be one. So the election of 1998, is one of the most memorable times of my adolescence-maturity (does this beginning to sound like Xerex? hahahaha).

In 1998, my grandfather, old and weak (relatively compared before) decided to run as councilor . Unlike before, It is obvious then that no party is interested on him anymore, none took him into the slate. So he ran as an independent candidate.

It meant making a campaign funded by our personal and limited pockets. It meant the absence of "professional" campaign groups and mga bayaran to actually do the campaigning. It meant having to do the campaigning, a family affair. This is then, where all the fun started.

Me and my brother went to Kidapawan only for our annual summer vacation, as we thought. We went there to get wild with our cousins and of course to help for the campaign sparingly. But as fate would have it and due to limited resources, I ended up as the campaign manager for the group. We were composed of the cousins, all unregistered and unqualified voters with ages ranging from 7-17 years old. I myself had no knowledge and experience campaigning except when I ran and won as President of the Student Council in High School.

We tried to be resourceful then. We were so proud of our election posters made of up old and used calendars, bond papers and manila papers with the name of our beloved candidate (our lolo) manually written using ballpens, pentel pens, crayons and water colors. Only to be dwarfed by the expensive and attractive paraphernalia of the seasoned politicians. The final product, our posters can barely be seen and noticed.

We only have a single jeep at our arsenal, a colored blue owner type jeep with a sitting capacity 7, there were 12 of us. Our gasoline allocation was sourced out from the tipok2x of our respective uncles and aunts, relatives, friends and supporters (this one I doubt). Despite it, we tried and were able to roam around the city, and actually went to places I never knew existed in Kidapawan.

We were able to meet and greet lots of interesting people. As in guapa, pangit, humot, baho. There were some who finds us cute (the team, not me) and there were those who would remark, "pila gi bayad sa inyo?". There were those whom upon given a fact sheet would remark "dili lang ko dong, di ko mo boto", and there was a time we gave someone a fact sheet and just smiled at us strangely, only to be told by a bystander, "ngano gi hatagan mo man na, buang man na".

But still every so often, the kid in us would also surface then. There were times wherein we didn't wanted to campaign. Instead, watch the cartoon network or just play computers and basketball. There was even a time, during the final meeting de avance at the public market that we were not able to hear and watch our lolo speak. The reason, we were at the other side of the palengke. Busy and fixated with the street magic2x salamangka, with all its bitin2x (as in snake) and what have you.

Despite the odds stacked upon us, and even if the obvious are staring on us, we never really felt that we were at a disadvantage. Such youthful optimism and probably innocence and ignorance made us believe that somehow, we are going to pull this one out.

The result? Since I am the campaign manager, what would you expect? Of course, we did not win :0. But the good thing is, we did great. We were number 13. The magic number is 8. There where more than 13 candidates, 35 to be exact. We gained notoriety as the cleanest group (ok we were neat and had good smell), and the only candidate who did not spend more than allowed, mainly because we have nothing to spend.

We did not win, yet the experiences and the memories made us all feel like winners. The bonding we shared, the many times that we were chased by dogs, the drunk who made fun of us, the laughs and other intangibles that makes us feel good to be alive, the things that we still talked of today whenever the cousins get together, thanks to the election.

There were other campaigns that came after 1998, for my other relatives. We still got involved and this time came up with relative success as far as getting the win goes. But nothing beats out defeat in 1998.

As for the song, I did play it on the old turntable at my grandparent's house , the first thing I did during election day of 1998.
Let's enjoy this if you can :)

1998 Campaign Team

Wild Kanapian
Kiko - Ni apas ka pa


While I am at it, I will be making of list of movies that I liked this year. This list will go on as the year progresses.

MOVIES THAT I SAW THIS YEAR THAT I LIKED (Regardless when it was originally released)
not in a particular order.

1. Memento
2. Silence of The Lambs (I saw this already when I was in Elementary, but it made no sense then)
3. The Usual Suspects
4. The Blind Side (my gf loves this also)
5. Where The Wild Things Are
6. Ironman 2
7. Serbis
8. Tokyo Sonata
9. Up In the Air

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yes, this is about a movie.
This is about Tony Stark.
This is about:
That's gotta be one of the crappiest intro of all time. How ironic since Ironman was and is the only hero that for me is cool and possible enough to become a reality. To become an IRONMAN, you just need intellect, charm, and much money. All of which, I do not have. But I could always buy a cobra energy drink and become the other "IRONMAN" if you know what I mean.

I watched this movie more than a week ago, last Sunday to be exact. I went out with my gf, a Downey fan I supposed, while I am not really a Robert Downey fan. The only movie that I can recall that starred RDJ is Only You with Marissa Tomei. Yet, I still mistaken him as Patrick Demsey on that film.

As expected, the cinema houses were full. We went earlier, even earlier than the next scheduled show, only to find out that the best seats on the Red Carpet are taken already, even up to the last full show. So we just settled with the next best thing, the best seats on VIP. It is obvious by now that I am referring to the cinema house in Victoria Plaza, right?

Justin Hammer, Happy Hogan, Pepper Pots, Obadiah Stane (not in this movie), the arms race, Crimson Dynamo, Whiplash. These are the reason why I was not really interested in IRONMAN the comics.

IRONMAN's armory, the Mandarin, his battle with alcoholism, the Avengers West Cost. These things what's makes its comic book runs, quite intriguing. All of which were not in the movie. Ok, I concur that you cannot put everything in a cramped up movie. But IRONMAN without its armory is like peanut butter sandwich without the peanut butter. (WOW!!!)

The movie is good but not great. Good enough to entertain you, but not that great as to have a profound effect on me after I went out of the cinema house. It has humor, drama, impressive special effects, respectable acting, even though with not so intriguing of a plot and less action than expected. This is still IRONMAN. It was still fun and worth the cost, the time and the wait.

Anyway here are my findings, mostly not directly related to the movie, quite a mouthful, but I avoided sounding like a geek as much as possible.:

1. The sexiest comic book heroine ever in the universe is Psyclocke, my high school crush. The black widow cannot hold a candle to her, when it comes to hotness. In the movies, Psyclocke is one of the ugliest characters ever. More so compared to black widow in IRONMAN. This is unfair. This is injustice. Here is the proof:
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

2. Whiplash is actually just a secondary villain. Despite so, he was really cool in the movie. He appeared formidable.

3. The only good thing about Gaisano Cinema Malls are its sure seats. The screen is mediocre, the sound is bad, no, terrible.

4. There is an alternative ending/ epilogue to the movie. The one you saw probably involved the discovery of Mjolnir (Thor's hammer). The second one has screen caps as found below:

As parting shot, I will give to you the best IRONMAN MTV out there. The 1960's cartoon classic.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Crazzies

I've been commuting a lot going to work in recent days. It means waking up extra early in the morning. Riding tricycle and jeepneys going to work and back home and to everywhere I go. Not that I am not used to commuting, I've been doing this for more than half of my existence here on earth. It is just that I observed something while doing so.

One night, while on my way home, I saw some substantial number of crazy, insane, buang na tao in Davao. I saw one in, R.Castillo, 3 in San Pedro, 1 in Mc Donalds MTS, 1 in NCCC Mall, and 1 in Ulas. Mind you, this is on a single night. Then there are ones I regularly see. The running man of Toril, the walking man of South, and the respective resident buang of the Churches in Davao.

When I was young, I only knew of two. This is because, mao ni ang pang hadlok sa ako mama and papa sa una if mag binugoy ko. Na kuhaon ko nila, not seriously though. These two by the way, goes by the name of: Django Buang and Pansit. They can be found back then in San Pedro. God knows, where are they now. No plans of finding out for myself either.

Seeing them made me asked myself, what might have caused them this situation? I don't want to second guess, but statistics shows that, wait, I really have no statistics to back me up on this one.

But conventional wisdom would suggest that they are probably suffering thy fate due to kawad on. Ok, sige na, extreme kawad on. Probably depressed due to kawad on. Or nalipasan ug kaon tungod sa kawad on. Na depressed tungod gi bayaan sa uyab, asawa tungod sa kawad on. Dagahan mahitabo na di maayo tungod sa kawad on.

So its poverty pala ha. Then how would you explain the insane, na anak ug datu? Well, could you find them on the streets? Maybe, but probably not. Malamang sa malamang they are in a "mental institution", rehabilitating, because wala sila problema sa kawad on.

I really have no point to make here. I am just shocked to have observed this. Is Davao getting poorer now? Is this the trend (as if naman getting insane is cool). Is this the final phase of human evolution? Or this is a norm that I was not able to recognize then, due to kawad on (sa care ug time to observe). Whatever is the case, how I wish I have the strength to be optimist for them. For now, all I can give them are my prayers, and probably a little buck or two from time to time. Not that much I can do, that I do recognize.

Mahirap maging mahirap. I agree. Pag may hirap, may ginhawa. Yes, I also agree. But most of the time, ang gumiginhawa ay indi yung dating mahirap. It is just a statement of parallelism. That the poor and the rich exist. Not necessarily the poor will become rich.

On a lighter note, here are some fun facts (if you call it one) about our ill fated brothers and sisters:

Their favorite song is of course: Crazy
Their favorite male singer is Julio Iglesias for his song Crazy
Their favorite female singer is Kim Chiu for her song Crazy Love
Their favorite movie is One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Their favorite color is the Rainbow
Their favorite food is Beef Insanity, sadly they cannot afford it due to kawad on
Their favorite blogger is not me. :-) (though i am not sure about it)

and a Pampagana oh:

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Somehow, I already had a hunch about it. But was not really a firm believer. More of a wishful thinker in fact. Somehow, I am lucky, more appropriately; blessed, to have lived to witness and experience it.

Again, I am talking in what it seem is trance. But not deliberately trying not be understood. Nothing here that is cumbersome, not to be understood though. In its simplest term, all I am saying is that; what I have been hoping, wishing, thinking and knew all along, can, will and did happen.

All the hurts, failed expectations, crestfallen moments and total disarray were just preparations, to fully appreciate a gift so grand. Because you, me, we deserve more than the best, more than 100%.

And everything I left behind, means nothing now. No longer in a disarray. Blazing and reaching new heights. Simply happy and blessed, having you.

You are unlike anything I ever seen, felt and experienced. You're more than what I want and what I need.

God loves me, He sent me you...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ship of Tissues


Supposing a person is made up two components and is divided equally into its left and right parts. One day, the left part literally did what it is named at, went away and left its right part. Will the right part be alright, after all, it is the right part. But will it be enough, what's left of it, that is? What would then happen to the left part. It left its right part, right?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Final Stab At The Hammer

An old joke, unsa sa bisaya ang "I Miss You Like Crazy" ? Unsa man? eh di, Gi mingaw ko sa imo buaanga ka. Ngyeeee :p

Yeah yeah, probably heard this crappy joke already, and yeah, it was crappy then and is still now. February is the love month. This gives me an excuse to share to you all, my thoughts on the highly anticipated movie of the month. Even if you don't really need to hear it from me. I am referring to the movie; Miss You Like Crazy, starring the man of my gay (as in happy) neighbor's dream and the woman of my office mate's dream.

As always, going to these kinds of movies for me, is like an inevitable exercise. This is one of those movies for me, wherein I would normally not watch but I must, since not watching it with your "officer" would get you into trouble. (those who understand, will get exactly what I mean). I went to the cinema house prepared, meaning with jackets and everything, only to find out that it won't be needed since the movie is full packed.

Early on, I was already bracing myself on the fact that I could already see where the whole thing would go. The hardworking but unsatisfied in love yuppie meeting a free spirited immigrant working returnee. Will fall in love, will be separated but eventually will go back to each other arms.

All in between are just garnishes. On the second thought, garnishing would seem inappropriate since the movie was filled with so many cheesy lines, that I am sure were exported from New Zealand and partly from Malaysia. Thank God I remember only one (which I will share later).

The predictability of the movie prompted me to tell my "officer" that if this movie will go as I expected, I am going to throw the bottle of mineral water I am drinking to the screen, as a sign of disgust. But as the movie progresses, I was glad, because I thought that the movie will take the road less taken. That it would prove me wrong. That whoever made this movie actually have the guts to stay close to reality and sensible enough to portray what would most likely happen. That one bottle of mineral water will be saved.

But after all, this is still a movie. A movie that is suppose to make us forget the real world. A movie full of cliche, that it is almost or well definitely impossible to deviate from the obvious.

As the hand of Bea closes in on John, oh John, so is my desire to throw the bottle of mineral water (and spit on the faces of the team who made this one, bwahaha!!!). But again I know, they knew better than I did because for all its worth, the movie made a killing on the box office.

But still, the one line that I remembered on the movie could very well give justice to the movie, having a different ending. A more sensible and less crappy ending I suppose. OK, so the line goes like this, or kinda like this;
Love is not the only reason why we end up or leave the one we love, or something to that effect. Not really good with cheesy lines that are not my originals. (awwww!)

If there is one reason to see this movie, then it must be for the acting. As early as now, I will make a fearless forecast that this movie will rake in awards for acting. This can be emphasized by the performance of Bembol Roco. I bet, he will sweep all of the awards available, for his brilliant, realistic and superb portrayal. The on screen chemistry of the main actors, also was awesome. I am of course referring to Jun Urbano and John Lloyd Cruz.

My realizations on the movie:

-I am not really a fan of Bea Alonzo, but through this movie, I realized that yeah, I should start liking her. This is because she has the same family name with my favorite action star; Anthony Alonzo. (R.I.P.)

-This movie should have been rated R-18, due to breast exposure. Unfortunately, it was John Lloyd's.

-If you have nothing good to say, write it on the stones so that you won't hurt the object of your hurting words. Precisely the reason why I am writing this entry.

As a parting shot, would you be able to guess who is the original artist of the song, of which this movie's title was taken from?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When I Was Young # 1

One fine evening, while doing the usual stuffs during this time of the day, I received this txt (sms) message, which is quite a mouthful actually:

note: i translated it to full version instead of the sms version so that it might be understood by many. On the second thought, it is written in our local dialect so good luck na lang sa inyo ;)

"Proofs that you enjoyed your childhood:

nag bye2x sa eroplano and helicopter na ni agi
nagdula ug chinese garter hantod hands body
nagdula ug lupa langit, PSPS i love
pog, tex, dampa, tumba lata, tigso ug piyunganay
nag balay2x, tinda2x na ang kwarta kay madre de cacao ug play money
dili ganahan matulog sa udto
naga dakop ug butiti sa kanal, pati alindanaw sa sapa
nakig sumbagay or kumotay ug buhok
maglabayanay ug bato tapos mu kanta ug nyen 5x, wala man nay sakit"

This somehow made a curve on my face. Well what you know, i literally, figuratively,and whatever ly you could think of, did all of the above mentioned things, in places such as Bolton, Kidapawan and Talomo.

There were lots of other things that were not mentioned that also I had fond memories of, like playing with toys (got lots of it back then). Paaway damang, fishing, pakaon ang amigas sa baboy2x, maligo sa ulan dapit sa imburnal, circus2x and lots more. These are the times where Internet was still unheard of by kids. No network games yet. Pacman, contra and super mario brothers are deemed too cool and awesome and having an Atari or Nintendo Family Computer is quite a luxury. If you have none, then there is always the tag P 1 per 5 minutes or hulog2x piso as alternative.

But even if you weren't able to experience these things, it does not necessarily merit you an unhappy childhood. Jam2x lang jud ni sya. I would say that indeed,I had a happy childhood. Mainly because I was, is and will always be fortunate enough to have a wonderful parents. They may were not able to give us everything we wanted, but they gave us more than what we needed. :p

Optical Illusion

How's this for appetizer

One look and you may mistaken the headline as Saddam' sex-deputy Aziz in hospital. Imagine a nation with a sex deputy, right? That would be hilarious at worst and creepy at best.

But wait, don't go there yet. It is actually Saddam's ex-deputy Aziz. Candid humor brought to us by our local newspaper here in Davao. :p

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Been away for a while. There are lots of things i want to say (write) but so little time, pending thoughts for the mean time. It was a tumultuous but enjoyable month.

To my Samus Aran, thanks for a nice meal/ dinner huh. Someone cooked for me, what a way to end my January. oi oi oi... :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Once Upon A Time In Greece

"Love is patient; love is kind
and envies no one.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
never selfish, not quick to take offense.
There is nothing love cannot face;
there is no limit to its faith,
its hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things
that last forever: faith, hope, and love;
but the greatest of them all is love"

- 1 Corinthian 13:4-13

A day apart, that seems like forever.
Now, you're back, back in your arms, in each others arms.


I know what's on your mind. This isn't one of them. Nope, this is not one of those stories you've probably read on lit** or boy bastos, about one man's awakening. This has also nothing to do with my 17th god child (which baptism I attended earlier on the day), whose name is Raffaele.

For reasons unknown to mankind, I want to talk about Raphael, the ninja turtle. For those of you who just came from the other dimension, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles is one of the coolest things that happened in the 90's. It is equivalent to Mankind's Lunar Landing or the discovery of the metal adamantium. It became one of the many inspirations of great artists of the decade and it spawned new generation of creativity in the world. It's up to you if you believe me on this one. :-)

Raphael as you know by now, is the least favorite of probably everyone. Yeah, seriously, tell me someone who's favorite turtle is Raph and I'll show you 1000 who is not. He is the most under developed and who's character you can least relate with.

Leonardo is the leader and uses the Katana blades.
Donatello is the brains or the genius/ inventor and uses the bo.
Michaelagelo is the nunchaks wielding, pizza loving, cool turtle.

Raphael is what? None that you can easily describe. I bet, most of us doesn't even know the name of his weapon, which is a sai.

Now, above are just my descriptions, below are the official descriptions of its creator as expressed on its very touching and very inspiring opening theme lyrics:

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3x)
Heroes in a half-shell
Turtle power!

They're the world's most fearsome fighting team (We're really hip!)
They're heroes in a half-shell and they're green (Hey - get a grip!)
When the evil Shredder attacks
These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2x)

Splinter taught them to be ninja teens (He's a radical rat!)
Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines (That's a fact, Jack!)
Raphael is cool but crude (Gimme a break!)Michaelangelo is a party dude (Party!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(3x)
Heroes in a half shell
Turtle power! "

Raphael was never cool, it was Michael Angelo. Even the creators got mixed up and must have confused the color orange from red. Having the color red mask is the only good thing about him. Since this color represents the courage, fire, aggression, among others, they wanted to make Raph, the crude one, the bad guy, the sort of enforcer. But they failed, no doubt.

Thus he excelled on only one thing. The only thing that he was great at. That is, becoming the least popular of the turtles.

Poor Raphael. If ever you meet him, show some love for the guy. ;-)

photo courtesy of:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Power Up ver 2.10

The end of 2009 means the start of the new decade. The search for the Star of the New decade is now on. I am not one of the contestant (if you call them that) and I won't going to write about it etiher. I just made it as an opener because I thought of it as cool. (yeah yeah, i know it was quite pathetic)

These are the things that I am looking forward to this year, and we'll see what happens at the end.

I'll try to be more personal on my approach. One of the few feed backs I had during my first few posts is that, compared to my previous blogsite, skewedlogic is too matter of factly. It is less human and less personal, that I might as well write things like how to light up a bulb or something. Blogging is one way of knowing a person daw kuno. Mine is kulang ng human touch. Well, never did I ever said that I was human.
Well, not that I care that much on what they said, but I might, and take note of the word might, just give it a try. What I am sure though is that I'll be posting more things like how to light up a bulb and the likes. :-)

I hope to graduate and earn my MBA degree this year. Yeah, my memorable and life changing MBA days will finally come to an end. Now it is time to use what I learned (if there are some) to the tests. I am also contemplating on taking up another course. Returning to a first love kung baga. TOP SECRET for the moment.

I'll be following the exploits of SMART GILAS and probably be writing few bits and pieces about it. I'll also try a new sport, already signed or made a gentlemen's agreement about it this year. I also hope that we'll win the championship on this year's basketball tournament.

Work will never end. If I do good, it will do good to me. I know no other ways of doing it but doing it great. So nothing special that I am expecting this year. :p
Oh, this year will mark the energization of the 69 kV Puan Switching Station that I am working upon for the last two (2) years.

My love life, if you call it one is relatively OK. No, it is very very OK. I am looking forward for a saner, normal, less complicated relationship, but equally fun, full of love and veeeeery happppppy one. I got this strong hunch that I will finally have it. This is not wishful thinking. Trust me on this one. Thank God, for indeed He is Good and Great.

Before the year ends I want to do and/ or witness following:
a. I'll be profficient in PLS-CADD, ETAP, and Prima Vera
b. Attend the wedding of my friend, in Qatar or Quezon City, wherever it is, basta I'll be there.
c. Learn 10 new things during my spare time
d. To fully furnish my house (this one is tough)

These are just few things that I am looking forward to this year. There are of course some things that I cannot share to the world that I am also wishing and working my heart out. Heck, nobody cares anyway.

It will be fun to look back at this during the year end and find out how much of it eventually met my expectations.

til then