Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hail To The Thief Effect

Note: Listen to this song, feel the pinch. It is not a love song, yet it talks about love in the most sublime of way.

We do good things. Ok, most of the time, we try to do good things in anticipation, or even obvious wish that better things will come out of it. Nothing really wrong with it.

Whether consciously we are putting efforts to do these things, or these are inherent to us, it is always good to do good things. For ourselves, for our family, for others. We just want the best for everyone.

Yet despite all our efforts, despite doing what we perceived as just , and despite adhering to the fundamental and universal pretense, of what is truth and right, something, somewhere, always comes wrong. With great conviction comes great action. Actions with good intentions. Intentions that aren't shared, resulting in dissolution.

Paulo Coelho, in most of his novels always have a central theme of things going your way if you really want it and work for it. That the universe accordingly will conspire to make it happen, and thus it will happen.

Corollary, a force, equal in magnitude but opposite in direction i suppose will also try, converge, and conspire to not make it happen. It is but a part of the natural order of the universe.

In the end, the opposite forces it seems always get the net gain of the two. In the end, all great intents are lost. That we are bound to lose. That we cannot fight the system, and that we are all here to swallow what is given, take what is fed, hook, line, and sinker.

Patrick Starr of all provided us hope however. Because according to him, in the end, everything will be ok. If it is not yet ok, then it is not yet the end.



Flordy Saavedra said...

" the end, everything will be ok. If it is not yet ok, then it is not yet the end." Hmmmm something to ponder, is this really true:-)

Thanks Bo, for always notifying me whenever you have a new blog. I enjoy reading it. No wonder my husband was and probably is a big fan of yours.

I have something to share to you: A week after Earl passed away I tried to hack (I don't know if its the appropriate word to use) he's email because I want to respond to his notifications at facebook - people need to know what happened.

So I logged at yahoo and I clicked on the option "I can't access my account" then I chose "I forgot my password" as how the system works it would ask you to answer security question. Was very happy because the first question was "where did you spend your honeymoon?". Of course I know the answer; "Singapore" when I thought I can open the account already another question was asked. The question was "Who is my favorite author?" damn I told myself, Earl is not a bookworm, I have not seen him read books but I know he knew Stephen King so that was my first answer and I was wrong. I typed several author still to no avail. So I paused for awhile... they I typed "Leo Lungay" yebah!!! I'm correct.

In short aside from me/his family, you his friend is a big factor in his life. It was a testimony of how important I am to him because he updated his email security question and the primary question was about us; and on how much of a big fan is Earl to you; he's very much impressed on your writing still even way back high school. He was the first to introduced to me your blog site the "SKEWeD LOGIC":-) I realized you got to know that:-)

Hope you will be inspired to write more:-)
Have a good day.

Flordy Saavedra

Flordy Saavedra said...

corrections it should be:
*then" I typed...
*Earl is to you*
"writing skill*



Leo said...

Hello Flords. In the end everything will be ok. Salig lang. Thanks for the kind words. I am not really sure if he's impressed, because I also have a security questions who's answer is also Earl. ;)
Regards mo lang ako kay Mikko.

Loise said...

Ooops, I moved here.

Can't use my real name na. Thanks. :)