Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of the most horrific times of the season have just ended in most parts of the country at least. Nope, I am not talking about All Saints and Souls Day nor Halloween, because it is just about to start. But it is just as equally horrible.
Its the time of the season,  wherein you will see people whom you never knew existed, neighbors whom before hand never uttered a word to you, now suddenly wants to shake your hand, and the time of the season wherein you are subjected to torturous sound of their crappy jingles. This the time wherein horrible creatures having the guts and no shame to actually ask for themselves to be elected for the office. Yes I am talking about the recently concluded Brgy Elections.

Brgy Elections for me is more interesting than the local (local din ang brgy di ba?) and even the national elections, for its novelty alone. Unlike the national elections, there is little pre qualification on these polls, it feels like it is the nuisance candidate's convention.

As a result, you'll find the most iconic, pneumonic, and moronic of candidates. People with no real platforms, running just for the heck and the feel of being important. Some might even resemble of that, someone who we proverbially refer to as "inutusan lang bumili ng toyo" (just told to buy soy sauce).

Okay, that might be a comedic horror because, added to this are real horrors of electioneering, election related killings and violence that is happening in some parts of the country. Thank God no election related violence of note was experienced in our place.

Ever wonder why people would resort to these shenanigans just to be elected? Aside of course from reasons mentioned above, it could be summarized to these:

1. I want to help my fellow Filipino.
2. I want to be famous.
3. I want to be rich.
4. Senate Bill Number 118.

Anyway, elections are actually necessary. We need to elect "leaders" and real people to run the government. Its redeeming value if you may call so is that it is a testament or proof of our freedom. Errr, freedom to choose.

The fate of the many depends on the few, and of those few, it is quite disheartening to know that many are rubbish. Unfortunately, this is a cycle. Yes, we have the freedom to choose, the freedom to choose garbage.
It's not fiesta but it felt the same, Teban and Goliath were not here but their replacements were equally comedic.
Garbage In, Garbage out, that is why, most of the time, these things, stinks.

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