Thursday, October 7, 2010


I got my early Christmas gift [though I know I'll still get one ;)] in the form of a book, given by my ever dearest girlfriend. This is one of those moments that I really got caught off guard and excited upon opening and knowing what was inside the box. The book is called, Pacific Rims, written by Rafe Bartholomew.
I've been a basketball (more so International Basketball) junkie since I learned that the sport existed. Good thing that my gf is also a baskeball fan, or more appropriately an Ateneo Blue Eagle fan. But I am slowly taking her to the "dark side", and soon she'll be cheering only Smart Gilas and NU.

I originally intended to get the book for Christmas, knowing that I don't have much of a time to read nowadays. But my gf had other idea and I'm glad she did, and surprised me with this one. How sweet. :)

Pacific Rims is a book that tried and succeeded to chronicle the passion of the Filipinos with basketball, even to the point of trying to search the origin, the reason why we're enamored with the sport. Ironically, it took an American, to do it. The depth and the trouble that the author subject himself into to come up with the book in itself is impressive and inspiring. I hate to say this, but it shows how just lazy or uninterested our local writers have been. The number one sport in the country, yet you'll barely see it immortalized through the medium.

The book is so well written and entertaining that you can't help but finish immediately. At the rate I am going and even with the limited time I have, I am going to finish this one ahead of a book that I bought a week earlier which is equally intriguing though I really need to contemplate on some of its narrative, Radiohead and Philosophy.

Radiohead and Philisophy is literally about my all time favorite band; Radiohead, and the Philosophy with and of Radiohead and its song. Confusing? You bet it is, something that only true Radiohead fans would appreciate.

I intended to use the book as a time killer during trips and plane rides only to realize that reading such book in the airport, more so during the plane ride itself, may cause discomfort to other passengers. In one of my recent trips, I kept on covering it. I hope you got what I mean.

Blog later. Time to read. :)


miss oink oink said...

pacific dreams indeed! hehehe!
FYI! I'm aLready a smart gilas fan. I have the shirt. remember?!!!
with NU mmmm... ill think about it. =P

Leo said...

Blue Eagles fan pero slight Gilas. bleeeeeeeeeh!!!