Monday, May 3, 2010

The Crazzies

I've been commuting a lot going to work in recent days. It means waking up extra early in the morning. Riding tricycle and jeepneys going to work and back home and to everywhere I go. Not that I am not used to commuting, I've been doing this for more than half of my existence here on earth. It is just that I observed something while doing so.

One night, while on my way home, I saw some substantial number of crazy, insane, buang na tao in Davao. I saw one in, R.Castillo, 3 in San Pedro, 1 in Mc Donalds MTS, 1 in NCCC Mall, and 1 in Ulas. Mind you, this is on a single night. Then there are ones I regularly see. The running man of Toril, the walking man of South, and the respective resident buang of the Churches in Davao.

When I was young, I only knew of two. This is because, mao ni ang pang hadlok sa ako mama and papa sa una if mag binugoy ko. Na kuhaon ko nila, not seriously though. These two by the way, goes by the name of: Django Buang and Pansit. They can be found back then in San Pedro. God knows, where are they now. No plans of finding out for myself either.

Seeing them made me asked myself, what might have caused them this situation? I don't want to second guess, but statistics shows that, wait, I really have no statistics to back me up on this one.

But conventional wisdom would suggest that they are probably suffering thy fate due to kawad on. Ok, sige na, extreme kawad on. Probably depressed due to kawad on. Or nalipasan ug kaon tungod sa kawad on. Na depressed tungod gi bayaan sa uyab, asawa tungod sa kawad on. Dagahan mahitabo na di maayo tungod sa kawad on.

So its poverty pala ha. Then how would you explain the insane, na anak ug datu? Well, could you find them on the streets? Maybe, but probably not. Malamang sa malamang they are in a "mental institution", rehabilitating, because wala sila problema sa kawad on.

I really have no point to make here. I am just shocked to have observed this. Is Davao getting poorer now? Is this the trend (as if naman getting insane is cool). Is this the final phase of human evolution? Or this is a norm that I was not able to recognize then, due to kawad on (sa care ug time to observe). Whatever is the case, how I wish I have the strength to be optimist for them. For now, all I can give them are my prayers, and probably a little buck or two from time to time. Not that much I can do, that I do recognize.

Mahirap maging mahirap. I agree. Pag may hirap, may ginhawa. Yes, I also agree. But most of the time, ang gumiginhawa ay indi yung dating mahirap. It is just a statement of parallelism. That the poor and the rich exist. Not necessarily the poor will become rich.

On a lighter note, here are some fun facts (if you call it one) about our ill fated brothers and sisters:

Their favorite song is of course: Crazy
Their favorite male singer is Julio Iglesias for his song Crazy
Their favorite female singer is Kim Chiu for her song Crazy Love
Their favorite movie is One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Their favorite color is the Rainbow
Their favorite food is Beef Insanity, sadly they cannot afford it due to kawad on
Their favorite blogger is not me. :-) (though i am not sure about it)

and a Pampagana oh:


Anonymous said...

introspection... :)nice!

Anonymous said...

Psychologist and Psychotherapist claims that there are people who smells good and even looks good are suffering from mental disorder. They are also saying that there are people who has a higher position in a bigger companies who are experiencing in becoming a psychotic. Psychotic takes many in forms, some has a catatonic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a good number has a bipolar disorder, etc. Perhaps crazy people whom you were talking about, those who smells really really bad and not pleasing in the eyes, those you probably seen in the streets, ...give you a hint! most of them are not really crazy at all. They acted one for some good reasons.. Others to detached in reality where in they will not be able to get hurt and so acting out their fantasies in life or stay in their own comfort zone/s. Mind if I ask why you became interested to them? in the first place you wrote an entry talking about them. right? Where you came to a point seeing yourself be one like them? just kidding! If ever you see them once again send my warm greetings by sparing some of your precious smile to our brothers and sisters who get lost.. Who knows you might pull them back to a genuine realities in life. But don't you ever speak to them for they are unpredictable! k? ciao!

splitzapper said...

Flo of Introspection. Ayos kaayo ang Surigao Trip nyo bah.

Anonymous said...

so noble of you to include them in your prayers, share some of your blessings, and for allowing us to notice this things. i must say "panahon na para sa pagbabago".