Monday, November 30, 2009

Apathy Yacht

Welcome to the dreamworld of Boni Boni Boni

I am missing something.

Everything was simple then. There was peace, there was joy. Not that much, but never too little. Modest though full. Ordinary yet exciting.

I want it back, at least the ones that once were mine.

I missed being alone.
Now, I have returned.

It feels good.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon Express

I am sick; I am having a bad case of flu. This would be a fitting excuse to write something about the movie New Moon. I am not really a fan of the Twilight books and generally I don't really read that much fiction books. Going to this movie, I have no prior knowledge of what's going to happen and I have no attachment whatsoever on the characters and actors.

I have to admit though that I watched the first installment entitled Twilight around this same time last year. La ako choice back then because my gf then was a fan and lam mo naman na mapag bigay tayo eh. ;-) Even so, the movie or the whole idea did not really grew unto me, so watching it was and still is just like an inevitable exercise that I have to pass though.

This time I went with a group, tried to tow my Engineer friends and some dates hoping to get some kicks, just like when we watched a Sara-John Lloyd movie, where we made the cinema house our playground. None of it happened this time since some stars particularly Edward Gallen and Jacob "Tori" Blaks did the Indian Dance and never showed, leaving Bella "Jo" Swan lonely. (hehehe...) Relatively taas japon ang pila even after 2 weeks or so. Though the line is not as long as then NFA rice ration, this is still a testament of the popularity of the movie/ novel.

The movie itself is easy to digest since the dialogues are simple, not that much cheesy lines and yes, it is a love story. Love stories, love triangles, are as common as it gets. Putting in vampires, werewolves, and humans I suppose made it more romantic and the odds a bit harder and exciting. Had they injected a mutant character then it would have been more fun.

However, the social relevance of the movie or its idea is as real as it gets. So real, that it gives me no pleasure talking about it and I would just stop. Atik lang. To continue, differences in social status, religion, race, culture, belief systems, genetic structures and the likes are indeed issues in love. They may sound and feel funny, shallow and stupid, but indeed it is true, practical and rational. They say love conquers all, but it is doubly hard if you are a vampire, werewolf and yes, a mutant. Trust me on this one.

On a lighter note, I did not fell asleep this time, and these are the few realizations I had while watching the movie:

- The opening sequence of the movie is trying to tell me that in a relationship, significant differences will eventually catch up with you, and usually it is for the worse (serious man)
- A hole left by a vampire will never ever be filled in by a werewolf, pag pugson, then magiging panakip butas ka lang.
- I don’t know if it is just me, but I do find little chemistry (on screen) between the actors
- There is a leak in the ceiling of Gaisano Mall Cinema, so watch out when you are inside and it is raining outside

As an added attraction, here is the Indian Dance that I believe Edward Gallen and Jacob "Tori" Blaks busy practicing at, the very reason they did not come.


Saturday, November 28, 2009


In between the cinemas that houses New Moon and 2012 lies.....A Christmas Carol.

A movie based on the literary classic of the same title, written by Charles Dickens. A literary genius who's got the coolest name of them all. If you don't know who he is, then you are among the 95% of the Philippine population. Like most of the people who watched it with me, which isn't really that much, la ko ka basa ani na book.

Ok, ala nang paligoy ligoy pa, I was bored with the movie. No, I fell asleep literally, though it could be that I was already tired when I entered the cinema house that time. I had Great Expectations (pun intended since Charles Dickens pod author) on the movie, owing to the fact that it is a literary classic brought to life. Shallow noh.

I was having trouble understanding what they were saying, how I wish there was a closed caption or better known as subtitles below. I just looked at the screen and understand for myself what is happening. I feared that I made a total (mis)interpretation of the movie because of this. :p

Scrooge being haunted by the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future, for me (this one is obvious) is an analogy of our assessment when we contemplate of what we are today because of our yesterday and what would happen, tomorrow unless we do something about it, especially if it is not good. (whew!)

Which made me wonder it's target audience. Though it is animated and in this period of human existence wherein Shrek, Ice Age, Up, and the likes rule the planet, its dialogue and theme isn't something that kids would love and readily appreciate. Unless they are into literary classics, which is rare as in siguro mga around less than 1% of RP population. But the graphics, CGs and animation are quite crisp and clean.

There weren't that much people watching, I can even count them all, seven (7) to be exact including me. Which made me wonder if their target audience are indeed ang mga langaw.

This movie even though I was sleepy made me realized the following:

- We will always be a product of our history, but the future will always be ours to shape (oi serious)

- In our quest or pursuit of these so called earthly possessions, never lose sight on things that matters more (serious na pud)

- Not to forget the underprivileged, the sick and the displaced not only during Christmas but always (social works tirada)

- Always bring jacket whenever you go to a movie because there are times that only seven (7) bodies are watching

- There is that option to sleep


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dark Day

I don't know what to say. Every possible superlatives were probably said and written already, describing the atrocities committed in Maguindanao. Pag wala pa jud mahitabo ani, ewan ko na lang.


But I will not be surprised though if nothing would ever come out of this fiasco.


Rest in Peace
May God help us all

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Touch and Gone

Are we on a date? I guess we are. You are there, and I am here. We’re in a posh, cozy coffee shop, with all the amenities you and I want and need, especially the wifi connection. There you are, with your laptop playing whatever game there is in your facebook, while here I am with mine, practically doing the same. So much for a date that probably would not end up in a kiss, unless of course, we’ll do it in cyberspace.

So near, yet so far. Aptly describes how it “feels” like,the scheme to communicate without the need to be there. Technological advancement as they say. As much as it helped bridge the gap between here and there, I would surmise that it is not a far fetched idea if I will say it also that has its strange way of de-humanizing us. Assuming of course na human ka, unlike me.

When MIRC was still the in thing, Internet café sprouted like mushrooms and barely will you have the opportunity to have a unit to rent due to chatters. MIRC chatters pa jud. Due to the need to study technology (ayos na palusot), I also need to log on, on these MIRC chatrooms and of course chat.

More often than not, chatting beside me is a pretty lass, oblivious to my presence, busy minding her chatmates. I am sure, in a little while, she’ll be out to meet or the appropriate term would be, makipag eyeball (EB) sa iyaha nga chatmate. Bakit indi na lang ako I chat nito, at least live pa. Was it the thrill of the unknown? Or for her, talking to me would be a waste of time and a disappointment? Little did she know that her EB would just be as disappointing as I am, or prolly worse.

The ironic thing about it is that, why on earth spend money, effort and tikals (pretensions) on people as far as Cebu, Cagayan, Thailand, Barpa and wherever, talking, chatting when there are people beside them. Literally beside them, that are also chatting, that they could talk personally, but they would not even bother to do so. Noh?

I even find myself victim or should I say guilty of such de-humanizing activities. One of my favorite palusots as of late if busy or tinatamad makipagkita sa gf (which rarely happens even if la ako gf now, wink) is, “di na muna tayo kita, tawagan lang kita later”. Unli naman eh. Oo nga naman noh? Which basically explains the popularity of unli-txt, unli-calls and unli-rice in recent times.

I bet you are too. Since you are reading this, i am pretty sure na may internet connection ka and prolly have friends from afar that you are in constant communication with. I would also bet that you barely knew and rarely talk with some if not all of your neighbors. Noh?

Sige lang, lingaw man sad. We’ll just need to adhere to the signs of the times, where keeping in touch simply means the absence of “human touch”. Because sometimes when we touch, the honesty’s too much.

Before everything gets out of hand, I’m outta here.

Monday, November 16, 2009


A local newspaper (Davao) headline speaks about a freakin fire in Cotabato City. Affected are 200 stalls of Cotabato City Barter Trade Complex, of which I grew up knowing as simply "Barter", thanks to my grandmother and her "batiks".

Yeah. Some freakin fire. Yet the people of the accompanying pictures are in a festive mood, celebrating their anniversary. Yipeeeeeeeee. Fire!!!! NOT!

How's this for a newspaper lay out eh?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Until Then

Manny Pacquiao battered Miguel Cotto for his record holding 7th World Championship Title in Boxing. Yahooooooo! Goooogle. My Boooooot.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
Mabuhay si Manny Pacquiao.

"This is the last weight division for me," Pacquiao said. "It's history for me and more importantly a Filipino did it."

Oo nga naman, a Filipino did it. After sa bagyo at baha, the tragic fate of Z Zorres and the defeat of Brandon Vera, Manny saves the day, and everything seems to be ok, again. . Heck, even the release of father Sinnott could be attributed to Manny. ''Your freedom is our freedom. We don't want to be here for a long time too. And we want to watch Pacquiao's fight,'' he said recalling his conversation with his kidnappers. Freaking awesome, don't you think. Ako na lang ata ang indi OK nowadays, but I'll spare you the drama (or the lack of it).

The question remains, though. Until when Manny? Until when? As much as we want you to keep on making us proud (at least in the boxing ring), you can't do it forever, it is something that is academic. Doing it in politics is an entirely different story. No matter how noble your intentions are, you'll stink there. Salig lang.

To say you're an inspiration to the nation is an understatement. But, when do we really begin to step up as a nation, take a cue from you, and actually start believing in each respective's self (labo noh?)that we can actually do it and make it, big. I am not referring to individuals who've shined and made it big in the world, which in itself came few and far in between. But as nation, as a whole, having that kind of psyche, a believer in one's greatness. (and all the cheese in the world to boot)

I don't know. I have no answers even for my self.

til then na lang siguro.

Big thanks to Manny. Pilipinas got lucky to have you.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

note: photo of the Philippine Flag taken from

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I, Alone

This one belongs here.

He happens to sit on our side of the ringside seats. Was probably there due to the assigned seat number on the ticket he bought. Unfortunately for him, everyone, as in every single spectator within that side of those very ringside seats was rooting against his (team). He was in fact sitting at the back of the bench of the opposing team. This team happens to be the 2nd most popular ball club in the land. The Patron saint of the drunk, the San Miguel Beermen.

Even when he was against the cheers, jeers and deliberate heckling of the opposing fans, he stood his ground, calmly, cheering his team on, oblivious to anyone. It was easy to cheer when your team is ahead. For most part of the game, his team was. The very reason why he was able to catch attention, because of his faithful cheers and support. Some were astonished, most were annoyed.

As the opposing team mounted its come back, so did the cheers of its supporters. The heckling and cheering are now directed not only for and against the opponents, but more so towards him. Yet he stayed calm. not minding them. Just egging his team on. Alone against the entire coliseum.

What did you know, at the end of the game, his team prevailed. Smile and feeling of contentment, written all over his face. He was so happy that towards the end of the game he uttered or make it shouted, "Tim Cone, I trust in you", quite tingling statements, as if the coach of his team is like a deity. Nonetheless, I knew he went home with a feeling of gladness.

I wasn't able to get his name. But i did shook his hand. Congratulated him, for which he replied thank you. I admired his courage to express his feelings despite the odds. The way he calmly faced the heckling and invectives towards him. I admired his loyalty to his team and respect to the opposing fans. More so, since at the start, i really thought that he was just an obsessed, fickle minded and even borderline nut case fan, from the instance that I saw him. So mean a thought.

Sometimes, in life, staying on course, patience, faith and courage despite heavy opposition, merits a gift. But more importantly, it reminded me that we should never be afraid to stand for what we believe in even if means that you must do it alone. But in doing so, one must also bear in mind never to lose respect on others and oneself.

A neat lesson that reminded me of the old times, when I made my teachers cry. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

40 Years na ang SESAME STREET

Bago pa man ang Batibot, bago pa man ang atbp, there was Sesame Street. First knew about its existence when I was around 5 or 6 years old. My nephew, who happens to be filthy rich being a son of a canned sardines magnate, had a collection of encyclopedia/ children’s book with the characters of Sesame Street. I happened to read (I don’t think I can read at that age) or glanced upon those pages whenever we chanced upon their residence, which isn't really that often.

Then there was TV. I remember back when I was still at elementary, early 90’s, they actually tagalized and showed portion of the Sesame Street program from the USA, and entitled it open Sesame. This was at ABS-CBN. There, I witnessed the patience of Bert towards the mischievous Ernie, who happens to be my favorite character and I considered the coolest guy back then. I also confirmed that Kermit the frog is indeed green and looks a lot like Kerokeropi. Listened to Grover singing Ga grover and Ga Gabriel (for the letter G and not pronounced as gee since it is tagalized). My favorite and anticipated moment each episode would be the lovable Cookie monster shouting biskweeeeeeeeeeet and going berserk over a cookie. However, I am pretty sure that for reasons unknown to me, the biggest bird in the world never ever ever ever ever appeared on that program. I am referring to Big Bird of course.

I never had the chance to continue watching any program related to the Sesame Street, after the Open Sesame show was canceled. Not that I don’t want to, but no channel is showing it. Cable TV is not that popular that time, our TV wasn’t even cable ready. Upon its return in GMA, wherein the whole gang is intact and its opening song is the actual count your way to the Sesame Street jingle, I already “outgrew” them. I no longer have any interest on Big Bird, it already shifted to Josie and her pussy and cats.

I am not sure what influence that show really had on me, except for wanting to be like Ernie perhaps. But it started my appreciation on the art of puppetry and the educational and entertainment value of these kinds of shows. In fact, I began watching kiddie shows like Batibot, ATBP, Boyoyong and the Chinese flavored Pin Pin out of fondness of Sesame street.

Appreciation and respect grew unto me to the puppeteers and more so on people behind and under those Mascots, knowing how difficult, hot and sweaty (but not in a sexy way) it could become, just by wearing them.

Well what you know, 40 years na diay ang Sesame Street. As homage, I made this sketchy artwork to commemorate this occasion, as if anyone cares.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happiness Is

Today is November 10, 2009, which can be written as 11-10-09, which also can be described as a (n-1) series where n1 = 12, i=3. This practically has nothing to do with what happiness is, trust me.

I am not sure what happiness is anymore. I can't even remember if I did ever knew what it was, which gives you an idea of how little I know. Even so, I realized what it is not; it is not something that I used to believe in.

Happiness is not a matter of choice. It is not a state of mind. It is not what I conditioned myself it is. It is not a decision or a switch that you just turn on whenever you feel the need to do so. You cannot just tell your blood not to flow after you got yourself cut, so is not to feel the reverse of being happy.

I find mediocrity in my old beliefs. What is the point of striving if you’ll be happy for whatever you’ll going to get anyway, just by deciding to be so. Like finding solace in mediocrity. Nothing new really, since mediocrity is my forte. As in Tuseran Forte and this entry is getting corny.

It is what you do, say, think and desire, when you are not in that state of happiness that is a matter of choice, and usually it’s what makes a difference.

Am I happy now? I am not really sure. You see, aside from knowing too little, I also have lots of uncertainties. But I am certain though that at this very moment, I am not sad.

The search for happiness is still on. It may even go on forever, unless you decide to stop and live a mediocre life. Nothing’s wrong with being mediocre though. It is jt that I am still thrilled by the hunt (happiness), though I am not really sure what It is for me.

Amidst all these confusions and uncertainties, I will just temporarily settle for my memory of what happiness is. Happiness is; a Reader’s Digest Vinyl LP Collection of music from the decades of 30’s to 70’s, that I enjoyed playing in my grandparent’s house when I still have the certainties in me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome To The Hen House

My third house in three (3) great years. Yeah!!! Makes me wonder when will I ever learn.

A reflection: do I really know what I want to do and what I am doing. I honestly don't know. I have no idea what's in store for this, and I don't know what to put in here. Which gives me all the reason to be upbeat.

Time change all wounds, they make it a scar. It made me a little more uptight and edgy, something that I would be bringing along on these coasts. There will be times that I will make sense, most of the time, I wont. Some may be offended, intimidated, illuminated, while most will just not care. It would be something that i will not be apologetic about though.

All these blabbers and yappings will cost you nothing, but your time. But since you are reading this, I would assume that it (time) is a luxury that you can afford.

Don't get too excited folks, it is just your neighbor singing.

Welcome to the party!!!
drink and vomit. enjoy your stay