Wednesday, November 11, 2009

40 Years na ang SESAME STREET

Bago pa man ang Batibot, bago pa man ang atbp, there was Sesame Street. First knew about its existence when I was around 5 or 6 years old. My nephew, who happens to be filthy rich being a son of a canned sardines magnate, had a collection of encyclopedia/ children’s book with the characters of Sesame Street. I happened to read (I don’t think I can read at that age) or glanced upon those pages whenever we chanced upon their residence, which isn't really that often.

Then there was TV. I remember back when I was still at elementary, early 90’s, they actually tagalized and showed portion of the Sesame Street program from the USA, and entitled it open Sesame. This was at ABS-CBN. There, I witnessed the patience of Bert towards the mischievous Ernie, who happens to be my favorite character and I considered the coolest guy back then. I also confirmed that Kermit the frog is indeed green and looks a lot like Kerokeropi. Listened to Grover singing Ga grover and Ga Gabriel (for the letter G and not pronounced as gee since it is tagalized). My favorite and anticipated moment each episode would be the lovable Cookie monster shouting biskweeeeeeeeeeet and going berserk over a cookie. However, I am pretty sure that for reasons unknown to me, the biggest bird in the world never ever ever ever ever appeared on that program. I am referring to Big Bird of course.

I never had the chance to continue watching any program related to the Sesame Street, after the Open Sesame show was canceled. Not that I don’t want to, but no channel is showing it. Cable TV is not that popular that time, our TV wasn’t even cable ready. Upon its return in GMA, wherein the whole gang is intact and its opening song is the actual count your way to the Sesame Street jingle, I already “outgrew” them. I no longer have any interest on Big Bird, it already shifted to Josie and her pussy and cats.

I am not sure what influence that show really had on me, except for wanting to be like Ernie perhaps. But it started my appreciation on the art of puppetry and the educational and entertainment value of these kinds of shows. In fact, I began watching kiddie shows like Batibot, ATBP, Boyoyong and the Chinese flavored Pin Pin out of fondness of Sesame street.

Appreciation and respect grew unto me to the puppeteers and more so on people behind and under those Mascots, knowing how difficult, hot and sweaty (but not in a sexy way) it could become, just by wearing them.

Well what you know, 40 years na diay ang Sesame Street. As homage, I made this sketchy artwork to commemorate this occasion, as if anyone cares.

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