Thursday, November 12, 2009

I, Alone

This one belongs here.

He happens to sit on our side of the ringside seats. Was probably there due to the assigned seat number on the ticket he bought. Unfortunately for him, everyone, as in every single spectator within that side of those very ringside seats was rooting against his (team). He was in fact sitting at the back of the bench of the opposing team. This team happens to be the 2nd most popular ball club in the land. The Patron saint of the drunk, the San Miguel Beermen.

Even when he was against the cheers, jeers and deliberate heckling of the opposing fans, he stood his ground, calmly, cheering his team on, oblivious to anyone. It was easy to cheer when your team is ahead. For most part of the game, his team was. The very reason why he was able to catch attention, because of his faithful cheers and support. Some were astonished, most were annoyed.

As the opposing team mounted its come back, so did the cheers of its supporters. The heckling and cheering are now directed not only for and against the opponents, but more so towards him. Yet he stayed calm. not minding them. Just egging his team on. Alone against the entire coliseum.

What did you know, at the end of the game, his team prevailed. Smile and feeling of contentment, written all over his face. He was so happy that towards the end of the game he uttered or make it shouted, "Tim Cone, I trust in you", quite tingling statements, as if the coach of his team is like a deity. Nonetheless, I knew he went home with a feeling of gladness.

I wasn't able to get his name. But i did shook his hand. Congratulated him, for which he replied thank you. I admired his courage to express his feelings despite the odds. The way he calmly faced the heckling and invectives towards him. I admired his loyalty to his team and respect to the opposing fans. More so, since at the start, i really thought that he was just an obsessed, fickle minded and even borderline nut case fan, from the instance that I saw him. So mean a thought.

Sometimes, in life, staying on course, patience, faith and courage despite heavy opposition, merits a gift. But more importantly, it reminded me that we should never be afraid to stand for what we believe in even if means that you must do it alone. But in doing so, one must also bear in mind never to lose respect on others and oneself.

A neat lesson that reminded me of the old times, when I made my teachers cry. :)

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