Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon Express

I am sick; I am having a bad case of flu. This would be a fitting excuse to write something about the movie New Moon. I am not really a fan of the Twilight books and generally I don't really read that much fiction books. Going to this movie, I have no prior knowledge of what's going to happen and I have no attachment whatsoever on the characters and actors.

I have to admit though that I watched the first installment entitled Twilight around this same time last year. La ako choice back then because my gf then was a fan and lam mo naman na mapag bigay tayo eh. ;-) Even so, the movie or the whole idea did not really grew unto me, so watching it was and still is just like an inevitable exercise that I have to pass though.

This time I went with a group, tried to tow my Engineer friends and some dates hoping to get some kicks, just like when we watched a Sara-John Lloyd movie, where we made the cinema house our playground. None of it happened this time since some stars particularly Edward Gallen and Jacob "Tori" Blaks did the Indian Dance and never showed, leaving Bella "Jo" Swan lonely. (hehehe...) Relatively taas japon ang pila even after 2 weeks or so. Though the line is not as long as then NFA rice ration, this is still a testament of the popularity of the movie/ novel.

The movie itself is easy to digest since the dialogues are simple, not that much cheesy lines and yes, it is a love story. Love stories, love triangles, are as common as it gets. Putting in vampires, werewolves, and humans I suppose made it more romantic and the odds a bit harder and exciting. Had they injected a mutant character then it would have been more fun.

However, the social relevance of the movie or its idea is as real as it gets. So real, that it gives me no pleasure talking about it and I would just stop. Atik lang. To continue, differences in social status, religion, race, culture, belief systems, genetic structures and the likes are indeed issues in love. They may sound and feel funny, shallow and stupid, but indeed it is true, practical and rational. They say love conquers all, but it is doubly hard if you are a vampire, werewolf and yes, a mutant. Trust me on this one.

On a lighter note, I did not fell asleep this time, and these are the few realizations I had while watching the movie:

- The opening sequence of the movie is trying to tell me that in a relationship, significant differences will eventually catch up with you, and usually it is for the worse (serious man)
- A hole left by a vampire will never ever be filled in by a werewolf, pag pugson, then magiging panakip butas ka lang.
- I don’t know if it is just me, but I do find little chemistry (on screen) between the actors
- There is a leak in the ceiling of Gaisano Mall Cinema, so watch out when you are inside and it is raining outside

As an added attraction, here is the Indian Dance that I believe Edward Gallen and Jacob "Tori" Blaks busy practicing at, the very reason they did not come.


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