Saturday, November 28, 2009


In between the cinemas that houses New Moon and 2012 lies.....A Christmas Carol.

A movie based on the literary classic of the same title, written by Charles Dickens. A literary genius who's got the coolest name of them all. If you don't know who he is, then you are among the 95% of the Philippine population. Like most of the people who watched it with me, which isn't really that much, la ko ka basa ani na book.

Ok, ala nang paligoy ligoy pa, I was bored with the movie. No, I fell asleep literally, though it could be that I was already tired when I entered the cinema house that time. I had Great Expectations (pun intended since Charles Dickens pod author) on the movie, owing to the fact that it is a literary classic brought to life. Shallow noh.

I was having trouble understanding what they were saying, how I wish there was a closed caption or better known as subtitles below. I just looked at the screen and understand for myself what is happening. I feared that I made a total (mis)interpretation of the movie because of this. :p

Scrooge being haunted by the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future, for me (this one is obvious) is an analogy of our assessment when we contemplate of what we are today because of our yesterday and what would happen, tomorrow unless we do something about it, especially if it is not good. (whew!)

Which made me wonder it's target audience. Though it is animated and in this period of human existence wherein Shrek, Ice Age, Up, and the likes rule the planet, its dialogue and theme isn't something that kids would love and readily appreciate. Unless they are into literary classics, which is rare as in siguro mga around less than 1% of RP population. But the graphics, CGs and animation are quite crisp and clean.

There weren't that much people watching, I can even count them all, seven (7) to be exact including me. Which made me wonder if their target audience are indeed ang mga langaw.

This movie even though I was sleepy made me realized the following:

- We will always be a product of our history, but the future will always be ours to shape (oi serious)

- In our quest or pursuit of these so called earthly possessions, never lose sight on things that matters more (serious na pud)

- Not to forget the underprivileged, the sick and the displaced not only during Christmas but always (social works tirada)

- Always bring jacket whenever you go to a movie because there are times that only seven (7) bodies are watching

- There is that option to sleep


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Anonymous said...

mukhang mahirap maging serious...
mas magandang pakinggan ang charity work keysa sa social work.. what yuh think? :)
Hindi mga langaw yung target audience nila..
I think mga taong katulad mo me' puso..
yung nakakintindi kng ano ba talaga ang mahalaga sa buhay like what you said serious and the serious na pud portion...