Thursday, September 23, 2010


“Ang bilis ng oras”, the bride quipped after the wedding rites and reception that followed.

I am not married yet, but I do understand what exactly she meant by that. The pressure of the preparations, the countless calls, txt to friends, the invitations, the coordination and making contacts with all the people involve. The sleepless nights, the apprehensions on the decisions, confusions on the things to come and all the excitement; it seems like it took forever to conclude. When it finally arrived, everything happened like a blur, as it seems.

On September 18, 2010, Rosibal dela Cruz decided to officially be captured by the universal force of marriage and tied the knot to his girlfriend of almost 3 years. The lucky woman is Sheirly Garro. This event marked the realization of a prophecy which states that, among us the best of friends (there are 4 of us), I will be the one who will get married the last.

Where would I begin? Theirs is unique in every sense of the word. Geography isn’t really on their favor to start with. Rosibal practically got his bearings from Davao. He spent his Elementary, Secondary and College education in Davao. Sheirly is from Quezon City a true blue Tagalog, having spent all her life in Quezon City. She is someone that never imagined that would marry someone from Davao.

They met in Laguna, where they both worked as engineers but to different companies. Ros was never the type of Sheirly. Ros was nothing for Sheirly, no spark, no feeling whatsoever. Not a surprise really because just like his best friends (that would be us), Ros is not the type of guy that you would initially like without knowing the person deeply.

But my friend really made his intentions clear and was dead set on it. For the first time in his life, masyado in love si Rosibal. So, dinaan sa sipag at tiyaga. He would send her txt when he wakes up in the morning and before they sleep at night. He would call, hatid, sundo, from Batangas, to Bulacan, to Quezon City, and anywhere in the world, he made his presence felt. And as they say in Tagalog, walang matimtimang Birhen sa matiyang manalangin. The rest is what you are reading right now.

Another odd that the couple proudly overcame is the distance. Rosibal works in Qatar, while Sheirly works in Singapore. They have high stakes careers in different countries, miles apart.

I was never a believer of long distance relationship. But theirs is something that made me start to believe otherwise. Ok, maybe a little. As the cliché goes, love will conquer all. Communications nowadays are relatively cheaper than before, and there are lots of platforms to choose from. You may choose either through txt, calls, and there is wi-fi. But then again, and more importantly, it is true love that they have and that got them through it all. With love, everything can and did happen.

I arrived in Quezon City the dawn before the wedding. And for the entire duration was practically with the groom since then. Ros seemed to be relaxed, but it was only a façade. As time went nearer, I can see some tensions building but subtle. Hours before the big event though, Ros told me that he just wants this finish. That’s how tense he was probably. :p

On the other side, though details were hazy, there were mix emotions and borderline panic. Eventually, some tears were shed. The event is somehow getting through their nerves, but in a good way. Ganyan lang talaga siguro ano?

Come the wedding day, and since this is not really our territory, there were only 4 (four) organic representatives from Ros. Along with me are her mother, his brother, and our long lost best friend who always know how and when to appear.

Jonathan Tejada, our now “big shot” classmate and our 4th element made true of his unconvincing promise and decided to actually appear. Oh boy, he was indeed a big lift. He served as our valet and driver using his own car, kargador, tour guide, pep talker, utility guy, and as he always says, kayo mga boss ko dito, driver lang ako. The same, amiable, humble, and great friend we had despite his relative accomplishments.

His presence in itself is a gift to me and to the couple as well. It is a testament on the value of true friendship. It is something that even time and distance cannot fade. Salamat Teds, hehehe.

This is my first time to become a best man. I have been a groom’s man, lector/ reader, a part of the offertory, heck I was even invited as a Principal Sponsor or ninong, which I politely declined for obvious reasons, but never a best man

It was supposed to be Earl’s role. But our beloved friend has departed us already, thus delegating me the role. All throughout the time I was there, more so during the rites and celebration, I can’t help but think, remember and I got to admit, wished that he was there for our friend’s big moment.

But I know he was there and was happy. He was there in a better and more comfortable view than us.

Finally the time has come. Teds drove the groom from the hotel, along with his 4 representatives. We arrived ahead of the bride, as should be and Ros is now a little bit more relaxed.

That was up until processional (not sure of the term) started. One by one the members of entourage took the aisle, then the groom. Finally, the church singer started to belt out his first note, and there slowly walking down the aisle is the bride.

The bride, now accompanied by her parents walked towards her groom, Ros. Slowly as she approaches her groom, so are the tears falling slowly on the eyes of my friend, tears of joy, for a change my friend.

And so, in the name of God, and witnessed by many, they made the vow of marriage. They exchanged the proverbial I do’s. Ros is so eager that even before the priest asked, he already uttered I do. Maybe he was so eager to end it, or perhaps he is just madly in love.

And yes, he finally kissed his bride, all dressed in white. Cheers and applause follows suit as officially, Ros and Sheirly are now married.

The wedding the rites were only for the most an hour and the reception that followed lasted for another couple of hours. But the celebration of the gift, the love, the marriage is forever. To reiterate my message during the celebration, today is not really about the wedding, but marriage. It is not the end, but the beginning of their lives as one. There will be new joys, trials, and tests to hurdle. You’ve made it through it before as individuals, how much more that the two of you, is now one.

West wishes Ros and Sheirly and God Bless you both.
Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


Anonymous said...

... very nice, yup your right Earl was there:-)

... its really true birds of same feather flock together... just like Earl, he cried on our wedding day too and as i read it here si Bal then pala, well I'll wait for your turn:-)

Leo said...

Yes Flords, I know he was there and was happy.
My turn? hmmm, we'll see. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

wow leo that`s was nice...!!!

Anonymous said...

A g0od writer indeed! Pero hanging kasi nawawala ka lagi sa eksena.. (wink!) next time sali ka naman para much better.. objective + subjective = par excellence =)

Anonymous said...

nice one kuya leo! (",)

Anonymous said...

sa iyo kailan?? weeeeeyyy! :p