Sunday, December 6, 2009


-First of all, Merry Christmas. :)
This is my first entry for the month of December and all I can do is make a pathetic bullet time infomercials.T alk about the law of diminishing returns. To make up for this, naa ko bonus. I mean bonus na video, one of my all time favorites, may it be December or not. This fits my forecast of the month, long, poetic, happy and painful with expectations for the worse and hope for the best and that kind of issues.

-Then I would just want to say that I was designed never to be understood. I am at my best when I am not understood. If you can't understand me, then it means you are perfectly sane. Salig lang.

-I was out for a while. But til now, la japon ko kasabot sa ako gina bati. Weird sya, I even thought basi ma dedo nako ani, but completely di sya serious na karamdaman. Paranoid android. wiiiiiiiiiiie

-We were supposed to visit our elementary classmates today. But the so called "steering committee" members got into "something". Headache, basketball injury, fell from a stair. You name it,we have it. Murphy's Law eh.

-This means that I will be spending my day fixing and upgrading my room and try to settle my paranoia.

Below is a totally unrelated pic, to emphasize how incoherent I am as of late. WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIeeee

And if still bored, maybe blog more. Hahayz...


raine said...

you're blogging again...good for you! :)

splitzapper said...

bad for the world...:)

watcher said...


Anonymous said...

watcher? hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
pathetic. gaya2x puto maya