Sunday, February 21, 2010

When I Was Young # 1

One fine evening, while doing the usual stuffs during this time of the day, I received this txt (sms) message, which is quite a mouthful actually:

note: i translated it to full version instead of the sms version so that it might be understood by many. On the second thought, it is written in our local dialect so good luck na lang sa inyo ;)

"Proofs that you enjoyed your childhood:

nag bye2x sa eroplano and helicopter na ni agi
nagdula ug chinese garter hantod hands body
nagdula ug lupa langit, PSPS i love
pog, tex, dampa, tumba lata, tigso ug piyunganay
nag balay2x, tinda2x na ang kwarta kay madre de cacao ug play money
dili ganahan matulog sa udto
naga dakop ug butiti sa kanal, pati alindanaw sa sapa
nakig sumbagay or kumotay ug buhok
maglabayanay ug bato tapos mu kanta ug nyen 5x, wala man nay sakit"

This somehow made a curve on my face. Well what you know, i literally, figuratively,and whatever ly you could think of, did all of the above mentioned things, in places such as Bolton, Kidapawan and Talomo.

There were lots of other things that were not mentioned that also I had fond memories of, like playing with toys (got lots of it back then). Paaway damang, fishing, pakaon ang amigas sa baboy2x, maligo sa ulan dapit sa imburnal, circus2x and lots more. These are the times where Internet was still unheard of by kids. No network games yet. Pacman, contra and super mario brothers are deemed too cool and awesome and having an Atari or Nintendo Family Computer is quite a luxury. If you have none, then there is always the tag P 1 per 5 minutes or hulog2x piso as alternative.

But even if you weren't able to experience these things, it does not necessarily merit you an unhappy childhood. Jam2x lang jud ni sya. I would say that indeed,I had a happy childhood. Mainly because I was, is and will always be fortunate enough to have a wonderful parents. They may were not able to give us everything we wanted, but they gave us more than what we needed. :p

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