Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Final Stab At The Hammer

An old joke, unsa sa bisaya ang "I Miss You Like Crazy" ? Unsa man? eh di, Gi mingaw ko sa imo buaanga ka. Ngyeeee :p

Yeah yeah, probably heard this crappy joke already, and yeah, it was crappy then and is still now. February is the love month. This gives me an excuse to share to you all, my thoughts on the highly anticipated movie of the month. Even if you don't really need to hear it from me. I am referring to the movie; Miss You Like Crazy, starring the man of my gay (as in happy) neighbor's dream and the woman of my office mate's dream.

As always, going to these kinds of movies for me, is like an inevitable exercise. This is one of those movies for me, wherein I would normally not watch but I must, since not watching it with your "officer" would get you into trouble. (those who understand, will get exactly what I mean). I went to the cinema house prepared, meaning with jackets and everything, only to find out that it won't be needed since the movie is full packed.

Early on, I was already bracing myself on the fact that I could already see where the whole thing would go. The hardworking but unsatisfied in love yuppie meeting a free spirited immigrant working returnee. Will fall in love, will be separated but eventually will go back to each other arms.

All in between are just garnishes. On the second thought, garnishing would seem inappropriate since the movie was filled with so many cheesy lines, that I am sure were exported from New Zealand and partly from Malaysia. Thank God I remember only one (which I will share later).

The predictability of the movie prompted me to tell my "officer" that if this movie will go as I expected, I am going to throw the bottle of mineral water I am drinking to the screen, as a sign of disgust. But as the movie progresses, I was glad, because I thought that the movie will take the road less taken. That it would prove me wrong. That whoever made this movie actually have the guts to stay close to reality and sensible enough to portray what would most likely happen. That one bottle of mineral water will be saved.

But after all, this is still a movie. A movie that is suppose to make us forget the real world. A movie full of cliche, that it is almost or well definitely impossible to deviate from the obvious.

As the hand of Bea closes in on John, oh John, so is my desire to throw the bottle of mineral water (and spit on the faces of the team who made this one, bwahaha!!!). But again I know, they knew better than I did because for all its worth, the movie made a killing on the box office.

But still, the one line that I remembered on the movie could very well give justice to the movie, having a different ending. A more sensible and less crappy ending I suppose. OK, so the line goes like this, or kinda like this;
Love is not the only reason why we end up or leave the one we love, or something to that effect. Not really good with cheesy lines that are not my originals. (awwww!)

If there is one reason to see this movie, then it must be for the acting. As early as now, I will make a fearless forecast that this movie will rake in awards for acting. This can be emphasized by the performance of Bembol Roco. I bet, he will sweep all of the awards available, for his brilliant, realistic and superb portrayal. The on screen chemistry of the main actors, also was awesome. I am of course referring to Jun Urbano and John Lloyd Cruz.

My realizations on the movie:

-I am not really a fan of Bea Alonzo, but through this movie, I realized that yeah, I should start liking her. This is because she has the same family name with my favorite action star; Anthony Alonzo. (R.I.P.)

-This movie should have been rated R-18, due to breast exposure. Unfortunately, it was John Lloyd's.

-If you have nothing good to say, write it on the stones so that you won't hurt the object of your hurting words. Precisely the reason why I am writing this entry.

As a parting shot, would you be able to guess who is the original artist of the song, of which this movie's title was taken from?

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