Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Times Before You Came

Today is the last day of the decade and the last day of the year. This will also be the day, In keeping with the tradition that started on a different blog, I present to you the year’s best and worst as I know it. A personal hit list and awards of anything that I can think of and my closing remarks before we embrace start of the new decade.

Movie of the Year (shown this year) = District 9
Favorite movie i saw this year (regardless when it was originally shown) = Hormones
Memorable Movie of the year = Terminator Salvation
Documentary of the Year = The Dark Side of Porn
Best Actress = Krista Ranillo
Best Actor = Manny Pacquiao
Showbiz Crush of the Year = Focus Jirakul
Sexy Star of the year = Jackie Rice
PBA Team of the Year = Smart Gilas
NBA Team of the Year = None
Basketball Player of the Year = Mark Barocca
Boxer of the Year = Kate Appari
Disappointment of the Year = Powerade Team Pilipinas
Filipino Athlete of the Year = Wesley So (So Awesome)
Song of the Year (must be released this year) = Resistance by Muse
Band of the year = MUSE
Most memorable song of the year (regardless when originally released) = You Found Me by The Fray
Name of the year = Lucas Danger
Chicheria of the year = Burger Machine buy 1 take 1 :-)
Snack House of the Year = Mc Terry Bakery @ Dacudao (Official Snack House of the PBA)
Drink of the year = Pop Cola, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie
Toy of the Year = Batman Beyond
Discovery of the year = The BARPA Concept
Event of the year = My recovery after being bruised and abandoned (hahahaa!!!)

2009 was and is a bittersweet but blessed year for me.

I started to like back and became great at what I am doing. My Switching Station Project had reached 98% completion and is expected to be finished within January next month, something that I am looking forward at. Finished the academic requirements of my MBA, now only awaiting an exam. Did lots of things that I wanted to do. Re tooled myself, studied a lot, learned a lot. Got a house. Got a car. Did the things that I used to imagine when I was still a child. Learned to count my blessings. Met my soul mate. Met my real Samus Aran.

Amidst it all. Spent sleepless nights studying, wondering. Countless minute discussing, debating, arguing with my bosses, colleagues and contractors. Disappointed, frustrated. Betrayed, rejected, ego bruised, heart broken.

But it would take more than that to slow down a ninja ;-)

thank you Lord!!!

yeah. what a year indeed!
Til next time. Next year, next decade.
Happy New Year To You All!!!

focus and study



Anonymous said...

You did ur best but u guess ur wasn't good enough....But the other's guess u have been very blessed... Lucky r u bcoz u r not beset by all means of temptation....Or else this things that u have right now will have no meaning... I have known u in just while especially when u became the real cultural show master in town........ Please have it done annually, Im gonna miss those thing...... Just do exactly what ur heart tells u to do...By doing this i'm sure u will become what u expect urself in the future since u have a pure and kind heart...

splitzapper said...


Anonymous said...

mind if you explain bwt the BARPA concept? just curious...

splitzapper said...

BARPA Concept is best if experienced rather than taught or explained ;-)

Anonymous said...

Samus Aran?? they thought he is a man (a protector)and now what? she's a woman. A real woman!