Thursday, December 31, 2009

16 Years

Ang magagawa nga naman ng Pag-ibig.

Who would have thought that after 16 years or so, a reunion of sorts would happen. Reunited were my elementary classmates from Bolton Elementary School, a relatively unknown school right in the heart of the city and often living in the shadows of its neighbor, the well known Magallanes Elementary School. The venue was the faraway island of Isla Reta, a most unlikely of place given the hassle and relative inconvenience of going there.

There was actually a flavor of dramatics on the said gathering as it is being ignited by one man's desire to settle things once and for all his beloved, but untold love story. It would be unkind for me not to "support" this undertaking in any means possible. Thus my participation. Luckily, both the him and the her were at hand and yes, happily but not on the way that we expected, things were finally settled. ahahaha!

More than the romantic angle at hand, it was nice to meet or should I say re acquainted with folks that I haven't seen since my elementary graduation. Though only 20% of my classmates actually showed up, it was still quite enough to liven up the occasion. Some secrets and trivia were told. Some of my classmates actually confessed that back in the days, they really wanted to chase and dethrone me from being the best of class but they just can't do it. If that is so, la jud nako na feel cause back then, school is just play. Well even up to now.

Most of my classmates now has trophies but are still not married. Made me think that maybe members this batch are not really keen on marrying.

Other things that I took note and learned during this reunion are as follows:


Some of my classmates actually turned well, relatively. Considering the background and circumstances back then, I could categorically say that they've made a turn for the better with their respective conditions now. I now have a classmate that is a nurse, a teacher, a pastor, mercenary, and some made it to who wants to be a millionaire as a contestant and someone made a commercial for TV as model (Nanz Herbal Capsule).


We were not able to locate 80% of our classmates and I could only imagine what is life now for them. There are news that some are having hard time making it from day to day. Thank God my Ninja Skills enables me to live each day with relative ease as I wander from one mission to the other. ;-)

Well this one really made my day. Some of my classmates made it to the very very prestigious DDS hit list, but are still alive. Some became man-whore, was really close to me then and probably got some of his grind moves from me. :-)
One thing I found strange during this were the songs that we were singing. We were elementary classmates, but the songs we were playing and singing were actually from our high school times. Strange since most of us did not belong to the same high school and yeah, we cannot recall the hits of our elementary times.

Again, ang nagagawa nga naman ng Pag-Ibig. Napag buklod nito ang mga nilalang at mga damdamin na matagal na naka himlay sa damuhan. In English, it was nostalgic, fun and I know some of us would like to do it again.

Well for me, I am looking forward on my kindergarten reunion. The only problem is, I did not attended one. :-)

Congrats guys, graduate na tayo!!!

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