Sunday, January 3, 2010

Power Up ver 2.10

The end of 2009 means the start of the new decade. The search for the Star of the New decade is now on. I am not one of the contestant (if you call them that) and I won't going to write about it etiher. I just made it as an opener because I thought of it as cool. (yeah yeah, i know it was quite pathetic)

These are the things that I am looking forward to this year, and we'll see what happens at the end.

I'll try to be more personal on my approach. One of the few feed backs I had during my first few posts is that, compared to my previous blogsite, skewedlogic is too matter of factly. It is less human and less personal, that I might as well write things like how to light up a bulb or something. Blogging is one way of knowing a person daw kuno. Mine is kulang ng human touch. Well, never did I ever said that I was human.
Well, not that I care that much on what they said, but I might, and take note of the word might, just give it a try. What I am sure though is that I'll be posting more things like how to light up a bulb and the likes. :-)

I hope to graduate and earn my MBA degree this year. Yeah, my memorable and life changing MBA days will finally come to an end. Now it is time to use what I learned (if there are some) to the tests. I am also contemplating on taking up another course. Returning to a first love kung baga. TOP SECRET for the moment.

I'll be following the exploits of SMART GILAS and probably be writing few bits and pieces about it. I'll also try a new sport, already signed or made a gentlemen's agreement about it this year. I also hope that we'll win the championship on this year's basketball tournament.

Work will never end. If I do good, it will do good to me. I know no other ways of doing it but doing it great. So nothing special that I am expecting this year. :p
Oh, this year will mark the energization of the 69 kV Puan Switching Station that I am working upon for the last two (2) years.

My love life, if you call it one is relatively OK. No, it is very very OK. I am looking forward for a saner, normal, less complicated relationship, but equally fun, full of love and veeeeery happppppy one. I got this strong hunch that I will finally have it. This is not wishful thinking. Trust me on this one. Thank God, for indeed He is Good and Great.

Before the year ends I want to do and/ or witness following:
a. I'll be profficient in PLS-CADD, ETAP, and Prima Vera
b. Attend the wedding of my friend, in Qatar or Quezon City, wherever it is, basta I'll be there.
c. Learn 10 new things during my spare time
d. To fully furnish my house (this one is tough)

These are just few things that I am looking forward to this year. There are of course some things that I cannot share to the world that I am also wishing and working my heart out. Heck, nobody cares anyway.

It will be fun to look back at this during the year end and find out how much of it eventually met my expectations.

til then


Cinderella said...

i pray that all the things you listed here will come true.. especially with your lovelife..:) you deserve to be happy and to have one loving, less complicated, but equally fun relationship ninja!:) i am looking forward to spending more time with you both reel (as in online) and real (as in live!) hehehe see yah!

splitzapper said...

Thanks Cinderella. You're indeed a friend. hahaha. What does an elephant and a cheese have in common? ;-)

Lois said...

when you're done with the furnishing, invite me in your housewarming ha? :)

Anonymous said...


splitzapper said...

Lois: You should give us a treat. I believe you had a great time last Sunday with Superman around. waaaaaaaaaaaahhahhaha!!!