Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CHOPSUEY Movies Legend

One of the great things when you are on vacation is the luxury of even a slimmest of time to discover some of the things that you never knew existed. Now, you have probably heard, seen and might have made essays or term papers that are combination of statements, facts, practically work of other authors, that are probably also a combination of statements and work of other authors. I use to call these as chopsuey or halo halo works. Thanks mainly to the advent and presence of the internet, these have become rampant in the contemporary times.

But one step ahead of them all is a man that I whose craft and art I recently discovered. Meet:
Alton Cheung
Benny Ho
Bert Brooks
Bob Poe
Bruce Lambert
Burt Petersen
Carmen Heller
Charles Lee
Daniel Wells
Edgar Jere
Felix Tong
Fong Ho
George King
Godfrey Hall
Joe Livingstone
Ken Ashley
Mark Coston
Mick Stuard
Richard Philips
Ted King
Tommy Cheung
Victor Sears
Wallace Chan
Ho Chi-Keung
Ho Chieh-Chiang
Hoh Chi-Keung
Ho Chih-Chiang
Ho Jang-Cheon
Hoh Jun-Sing
Zhi Jiang He

His name is really Godfrey Ho and those names above are his aliases. He is not really a criminal, a movie director and producer in fact. But his movies are so horrendous and borderline stupid and criminal. That is the probably the reason for those aliases, maulaw pud siguro. :)
All of his movies are martial arts themed. I don't know what's with him but the elements of the movies always includes ninjas, zombies, vampires, and robots. Poor lighting, bad acting, stupid stunts and dialogues are also a staple of his movies. I believe some of his movies also dealt with the bruceploitation genre.

But the most amazing thing about his movies are the obvious cut and paste techniques that it utilize. It is very obvious that scenes from different unfinished movies are patched up to create new one, like watching a single movie with many movies in one, with less care on the story and coherence.

To fully understand what I am blabbing, be amazed at this videos:

As crazy as his movies are, he was able to make 200+ cut and paste movies that were distributed in Asia and probably the other planets also. Best of all, all of his great efforts were actually rewarded as he is now one of the teachers in the prestigious Hongkong Film Academy. Hahahaha. Who's crazy now ninja?

I actually downloaded some of his ninjas/vampire/robots/zombies movies to fully enjoy the cut and paste feel since you tube video cannot really capture its essence. Want some? :p
As they say, a true ninja knows Godfrey Ho.

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