Saturday, April 3, 2010


Somehow, I already had a hunch about it. But was not really a firm believer. More of a wishful thinker in fact. Somehow, I am lucky, more appropriately; blessed, to have lived to witness and experience it.

Again, I am talking in what it seem is trance. But not deliberately trying not be understood. Nothing here that is cumbersome, not to be understood though. In its simplest term, all I am saying is that; what I have been hoping, wishing, thinking and knew all along, can, will and did happen.

All the hurts, failed expectations, crestfallen moments and total disarray were just preparations, to fully appreciate a gift so grand. Because you, me, we deserve more than the best, more than 100%.

And everything I left behind, means nothing now. No longer in a disarray. Blazing and reaching new heights. Simply happy and blessed, having you.

You are unlike anything I ever seen, felt and experienced. You're more than what I want and what I need.

God loves me, He sent me you...


Anonymous said...

tear jerked. glad someone did it. :)

splitzapper said...

yeah. me too.
pakilala ka naman para ma pasalamatan kita. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! ...glad to hear those words from you. At last I can go now in PEACE... Hope to see you smile along with your beautiful eyes! (winks)