Wednesday, October 13, 2010



I know that you know, that you are spending too much time on your facebook. Most likely, your justification in doing such is that you are socializing with your friends, or catching up with long lost acquaintances or you are selling and into business, just using FB as a medium. This despite the reality that you are probably there spending more time to play games, attending your farms, playing poker, or being a mobster boss.

Well, you are not really a unique case, there are millions out there that is like you, or us if you may say so, and this blog is not about to condemn you. In fact, I for one is fascinated at the way social networking sites revolutionizes the way we socialize. Some of us probably had an inkling of what's coming, but probably never really prepared on what actually arrived.

Have you ever wondered how many hours in a day you spend online? On those hours, how much do you think was spent in Facebook, and/ or Multiply, Myspace, and Friendster?

I am not going to answer that, in fact, I am even giving you more reasons to stay online, as I am going to share to you, social networking sites, that you may, or may not know existed but actually do. Some are, so so, others are ok and has the potential to hit big, while there are sites that are downright shitty. Here they are in no particular order, check them out to see for yourself and be a member again, on a new social networking site.

website link here => ZORPIA

It is believed to be the largest social network that you've never heard of. And with a name like that, you probably would never hear it. But if you can pass through the weirdness of the name, you will find standard features and security settings found in more popular and similar sites. It has a decent music section and forums section though. Guess what, you can actually log in to the site using your FB account. Hahahahaha!!!

website link here => ORKUT

Probably, a more stranger name than ZORPIA, but you'll be surprised by who's handling this. Being a successful search engine and blogging machine doesn't really guarantee that you become successful as a social networking site. Yes, ORKUT is owned and operated by google which means that you can be a member of the site just by having a google account. But its features are bit lame and unoriginal. It has the standard features of other social networks and that is just about it. Despite this setbacks, it is actually popular in Brazil and India. So popular that it alienated other country users. Go see for yourself to see what I mean.

website link here => PERFSPOT

Despite being a new site, it is actually good. It has the usual features, but gaining or expanding your network of friends will be easy and most likely well diversified. You can even set up your own store, write a blog and get comments from other users. The downside is that I don't really feel any security on this site, it is too loose. You get lots of friend request from people you never knew, yet right from the start you know that it ain't right. It seems like it is infested with users who are involved in monkey business, that they might as well change their name from perfspot to pervespot. Try it if you like. 

website link here => DABERKZ

If there is one not so popular (not yet) social networking site that I would recommend to check out, it would be this one. It takes pride as the first social networking site from the social networking users capital of the world, the Philippines. Though rough at the edges, you can clearly see the potential of this site. It has the standard features of regular social network sites, especially the buying and selling options, minus the questionable users. Its interface makes it easy for the users to navigate through its feature. I won't be surprised if it will go big in the future, so try it my friends.


There you go. I just gave you four (4) additional reasons why you should be spending more time on the web. Try some, and here is hoping you can find a friend or two. But I bet you are not going to leave facebook anytime soon yet. 



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daberkz!!! woohooo!!!

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daberkz is the best! add me. ;)