Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is October 10, 2010. Pundits would refer to it simply as 10-10-10. There is nothing "special" on this day per se, other than what some we're told to believe in. Yes, it falls on a sunday. A family day for some, rest day for many, holy day for those who observe, or simply just another day for those who don't care.

But there is something about it, the number 10 that some would make others believe that this day is special. For starters, 10 is usually associated with perfection. It is the first double digit number in the Hindu Arabic numerals. May it be in sports, beauty contests, even in short quizzes that usually are made up of only 10 items, we always aim to be number one, by scoring 10. The perfect 10.

Weddings, baptism, house blessings, and all kind of memorable activities, if possible should be done on the most perfect of day. You should remember where you are and what you are doing on the most perfect of day. What could be more perfect than 10-10-10 at 10:10 and 10th second, right?

We are fascinated by beauty as much as we are fascinated with the absurd, the novelty, and the rare. Today, 10-10-10, falls on all of it. It is beautiful numerically as it denotes an alignment but without symmetry. But at the same time it does not really convey anything other than it defines a moment in space, a period in time.

Its perceived rarity, makes it a novelty, creating mysticism in itself that made people believe that there is more to it than meets the eye, that is beyond common sense. Swerte (lucky) day, since this day, this date comes only once in a lifetime. Oh well, yeah, you can and will always believe what you want to believe, and I, also happens to believe that yes, this day indeed comes only once in a lifetime.

But isn't every single date in the calendar also comes, once in a lifetime? I mean, will there be another July 27, 2010 or October 11, 2010? My point is, today is a rare date, a special day, just like any day.

And will today be a lucky day, I hope so. For the sake of those who believe and bet their lives on it, I certainly do so. But as the proverbial chicken would say, you make your own luck, it is directly dependent on your effort to make yourself lucky.

Everyday is a gift from God, or whatever divine force that you believe in. Make the most out of it. Give your best effort to give yourself a chance to be lucky. Let's make ourselves and other people happy. Plant a tree, kiss your mother and father, eat what you want to eat if you can afford it, heck ilibre mo ang barkada (treat all your friends).

Do the extraordinary things that you would have done on 10-10-10 on the thought that it is special; everyday.

My gf would always tell me to seize the day. It is high time we all should.


vbless said...

Diba, ana ka you'll be getting married on this day? Hahaha! :D

Leo said...

I'm glad I didn't. Or else I would have not met my greatest gift. :p
Musta ang inyong defense?

vbless said...

Good for you. :)

Kakasubmit lng sa paper so the presentation is 2 weeks after. Don't know the excat date yet. Thanks for asking. Malayo pa ang nerbiyos!

Leo said...

isipin mo na lang na lingaw2x lang na. hahaha. master

Anonymous said...

lungay! finally, i read your post na. hehe.."proverbial chicken" eh? hehe..

Anonymous said...

Your d best Leo Lungs! Im proud of you! Very nice words of wisdom!

bitebrands said...

hello, i'm here

Anonymous said...

Carpe Diem!!