Friday, December 31, 2010


It's the time of year once again. The double faced assassin is just across the street, and in a few fours from now, we will all  bid farewell to the first year of the new decade. And so, in keeping with the tradition that I started in another blog, but for the first time, will be done in two successive years on this blog (a record of sort),   I present to you the year’s best and worst as I know it. A personal hit list and awards of anything that I can think of and my closing remarks before we let the rat run out of the house.
Movie of the Year (shown this year) = The Town
Favorite movie i saw this year (regardless when it was originally shown) = The Usual Suspects
Memorable Movie of the year = Legends of the Guardians
Documentary of the Year = ESPN 30 for 30 (Once Brothers)
Best Actress = Sandra Bullock (Blindside)
Best Actor = Manny Pangilinan (Rosario)
Showbiz Crush of the Year = none
Sexy Star of the year = Ai Ai Delas Alas
PBA Team of the Year = Smart Gilas
NBA Team of the Year = Miami Heat
Team of the Year = Philippine Azkals
Basketball Player of the Year = Kiefer Ravena
Boxer of the Year = Nonito Donaire
Disappointment of the Year = Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas Asian Games Performance
Filipino Athlete of the Year = Neil Etheridge
Song of the Year (must be released this year) = Billionaire by Bruno Mars
Band of the year = Radiohead
Most memorable song of the year (regardless when originally released) = A Wolf at the Door by Radiohead
Name of the year = Chupachup Suckadicka
Chicheria of the year = Kornet's
Snack House of the Year = Jha Jha's Baon Haus
Drink of the year = Yakult
Toy of the Year = Bret Hart 3 inch Scale Action Figure
Dish of the Year = Pearly Shell's Baby Back Ribs
Discovery of the year = Godfrey Ho Movies
Event of the year = A Death :( and A Wedding :)

Where should I begin? 2010 is a pretty tough year for me. A tupsy turvy one. The emotional ride was quite erratic.

Early this year, I finally finished the project that I have been doing for two years. And it will not be a far out idea that what I or we did, helped our city even a little during the energy crisis that we experienced. But in the process, I actually skipped celebrating our First Valentines Day with my gf, since we were to energize the following day. Oh well, that's life. :)

One of my best friends (there are only 3 of them) , Earl passed away this year. The experience was quite difficult to be honest. I really can't put to words the emotions involved on this one. I know everyone, from his wife and kids, as well as his family and friends also feels the same. This shocking event came a month after I got involved in a minor accident. These events took me back to earth, and got reminded of my own mortality. We were at our peak, we felt that our time was coming to become really significant on this world. We are in the process of realizing the things that we only used to talk about and dream about when we were young. But then again, there are reasons and purposes far greater than we all are. 

One of the best events this year was the wedding of my other best friend Rosibal. I became a best man for the first time, in lieu of Earl. Rosibal like most of us, has been through a lot. To be rewarded for all your effort and hard work with someone worth sharing your whole life with is indeed a blessing. And I was extremely happy for my guy. 

Professionally, I am having a so called inner struggle. I am doing good at work. I can always be good at work even if I do it with closed eyes. But somehow, there is something that I seek that I just can't find at the moment. Greater challenges perhaps. Business wise, the outlook is not that good. We are hoping, praying hard, and asking for a miracle that the business tides will turn our way.

Amidst my gloomy, disappointing, and not so great year, the only thing that was constantly uplifting was, and is the presence of my ever supportive and loving girlfriend. My only source of inspiration through it all. I could not imagine how life this year would have been without her support. She was with me in my worse of times, even if I can barely make it up with her. She was there through my difficulties, may it be great, like Earl's demise or my business rants. She was also there when Gilas and Azkals lost or if our monetized blog, won't meet our projection. What a person, what a support. Thanks uyab. muah muah.

And so, 2010 is out in a couple of hours. So are the memories and events that shaped and made it.
Here's to the fears and tears, and cheers that goes along with it.
Let The Rabbit In. :)
Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!


Anonymous said...

I heard much... I'm over! All the best! =)

Flordy Saavedra said...

2010 was indeed a roller coaster ride... honestly I'm very happy to see and to hear that you are happy with your love life now:-) Your love life was a our (Earl and I) favorite topic before.

I can somehow see Earl in you now - the time when I came to his life. He would often tell me that I came to his life when he was at his lowest. He said I was with him at his worst and at his best:-)

I really hope that the year of the rabbit will give you all your heart's desire. And I pray for your continued happiness...

Hope to see you tie the knot soon...Hehehe...

Note: Bakit kids?... to quote "I know everyone, from his wife and kids.... " hahaha...

God bless:-)


Anonymous said...

Why Rat? 2011 is year of the rabbit