Thursday, December 23, 2010


How would you know that you are sad?
When someone came and made you feel happy, like you've never been happy before.

How do you know that you are strong?
When someone is there who gives you reason to be stronger.

How do you know that you are broken?
When someone is there who patiently and painstakingly by your side, picks up the pieces, together one by one, and slowly put them all together to make you whole.

How do you know that you are being loved?
When someone is there to do and to be the reason of everything that was stated above, and gave much much much more, yet asks for nothing in return.

Am I not the luckiest of person in the world to have meet such. Indeed I have, and am very thankful for it. My only wish is that I could even at least return some part of it.

The past year has been an eye opener of sort for me, being with my uyab. I thought I knew love, but definitely I don't. She showed my what truly love is, and how someone should be loved. It is not like what you read in romantic books (because I don't read one), nor what you see in the movies. It is waaaaaaaay beyond it, salig lang.

It is not perfect though. There were times, crazy times that would make you feel uncertain. But perfection is a life long process that I am and hopefully but with great degree of certainty that you are willing to undertake together. :P

To my everdearest Precious Pearly Shell. Thanks for everything, and anything that will come thereafter. I hope I am worth the wait. Happy Birthday,Merry Christmas and...
Happy Paper Day

I love you more not less

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