Sunday, November 28, 2010


This is probably the entry with the longest title in the history of SKEWeD LOGIC. What we are ecstatic to share to you some of our finds in recent times. Ok there are only three, so you may be able to really check them out.

The Best Burgers In Town
Not all burgers taste the same. The best burgers in town that is not named Space Burger is definitely; Minute Burger.
Not all Minute Burgers taste the same as well. Our discovery burger of the week is Minute Burger Calinan. Great service, and very clean place. But something special is their taste, and aroma. I am not sure why, must be the water or something. But the burgers there are good. Still buy one take one.

Try to check it out if you have the chance.

Eat All You Can for P 50.00!!!
What can you buy with your P1.00 nowadays? Probably a candy or 1 stick of cigarette. But with P 50.00, you can now have a buffet.
I kid you not when i tell you about Kainan ni Boss' eat all you can for only P 50.00, I mean P 49.95, keep the change. It is located at Camus St. Especially good if what they are serving are the ones exactly in the picture. This is indeed a treat that is getting your money's worth. DON'T expect too much or else you will end up feeling you are eating in an eat all you cannot for P 50.00. But do check it out for the novelty and the experience.
Crabs All You
We've witnessed the emergence of many crab all you can restos in the city in recent memory. It feels like soon the crabs are going to invade the city. The good thing is, we are eating them before they can do it. So I introduce you to Sharimakan. Another one of those eat all you can crabs restaurant.

What's going for them is that they are located right at the heart of the city, Bonifacio Corner C.M. Recto. The place is relatively bigger and not yet that crowded. Maybe because it is new. It is a little bit pricier than the others but It is worth it. There are variations on its crab menu, meaning there is more than 1 crab dish in the house. Their Sharimakan Crab menu is something that you must try.

Not hungry yet?


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