Sunday, November 28, 2010


They dubbed it as the book and motion picture event of the generation. A generation that I must admit, that I will never be a part of, if we base the tagging of this generation by the movie's tag line.

For starters, I have never read, even a single line from the book. And also, I have never watched (or did I) a movie of the franchise in its entirety prior to this one. I am talking about Hewlett Packard, err Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Beforehand, my girlfriend prodded me to watch and have a "moviethon" of Harry Potter. We did tried. But at the middle of the first movie, the Sorcerer's Stone, I fell asleep. So that was it.

Surprisingly, I never fell asleep watching HP 7. Because I was busy asking my girlfriend who on earth those characters were, what are the implications of what they are doing, and why are the people beside us sleeping. And I mean literally sleeping.

From the limited info I had, the entire point of the movie is to protect Harry from Leandro Voldemort (is my spelling correct), because apparently, for all his powers, Harry actually have the powers to beat the crap out of him. So the movie became a goose chase by Leandro's henchmen and women to harry and his friends.

Leandro on the other hand is busy looking to complete the build a figure called the Deathly Hallows. It is composed of the Elder's Wand, a Stone to resurrect and an invisibility cloak. Kinda reminds me of what you do in Dota to upgrade your items and skills.The movie is not necessarily entertaining, but it kept me interested. No great or memorable scenes really. Worth the price of admission though, especially for my friends who accompanied us. Definitely, I am going to watch the final part since I am now intrigued how it will end, I mean how will Hoy Pogi defeat Leandro with all his might.

As always, my senseless thoughts on the movie:

1. Could someone explain to me why they need to break that amulet?
2. Ralph Fiennes looks like the Chancellor from Star Wars
3. Doby or whatever its name was looks like the ghoul from Lord of the Rings
4. Harry Potter looks like my friend who watched the movie with me.
5. Hands down the best cinema projector in town is owned by G-Mall.
6. I think the reason why some people were sleeping while watching the movie is because they thought they
    were reading a book.


Bushwhacker said...

nice! =)
hope I did answer your question.

Anonymous said...

you did. ikaw pa :p