Thursday, November 25, 2010


With everything but the shouting, over for the Philippine delegation, it is now time to make an advance farewell to our out of this world coverage of the Asian Games in Guangzhou China. This pretty much gives way to the return to the skewed world of this blog.

As of this writing, and with no expected surprises in the next two days, we are probably done with our medal hauls currently at 3 Golds, 3 Silvers, and 9 Bronze medals. We are probably end up in the top 20.

Boxing, Billiards, and Bowling provided us the golds. Smart Gilas, our basketball team could not get any better than 5th, and they have to beat Qatar tomorrow in order to do it.

The most disappointing fact on this Asian Games for me is not really the minimal medals we have, or the early elimination of Smart Gilas. It is the lack of coverage of the games, which for me is a disservice, not only to the athletes, but to the general public.

We were denied the chance to cherish the victories of our countrymen, who've sacrificed a lot for them and for us. To feel good to be who and what we are. For this very reason that even before the start of the games, as a spectator, a supporter, and as a citizen, I felt like a loser.

Sports is an integral part of nation building. It need not be political, but sports has the immense power to unite us. Unfortunately, our officials doesn't see it this way. Actually, I am not sure anymore is they are seeing anything at all.

Shame on them.

Congratulations to athletes, coaches, supporters, and thank you as well for giving it all, for making us proud to be Filipinos. Little as it seems, but it is truly appreciated.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

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