Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Asian Games is just around the corner, and Manny Pacquiao's fight is less than a week. Skewed Logic on the other hand will temporarily shift to sports mode.

With less than a week to go, 3 days in fact before the opening of Guangzhou Asiad, there is still no Philippine Broadcaster. Such a disservice to the Filipino's don't you think. This means, that we may not be able to see our athletes compete and give glory to our country. Pretty much the same scenario last year wherein we were not able to watch Laos, hosting and out athletes competing during the SEA Games.

Our consolation would be, is that we are going to watch Manny Pacquiao Live on Pay Per View, or under a very delayed telecast on free TV. As for the basketball fans, like me, who's going to cover and watch our Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas, here is wishing that a streaming channels would surface. This is getting frustrating already, and something that you can't get used to.

Smart Gilas could well be the most followed basketball team in Asian Streaming history. I followed them through streaming practically in all of their major tournaments this year, except for the Jones Cup. With me, are thousands if not millions of scavenging supporters, who have no choice but to watch semi-stop-motion-animation-like basketball.

And then there is amateur boxing, taekwondo, billiards, and other sports, that we all richly deserve to witness. 

Just to give you what a stop motion animation like is, here is one, I made using my toys. Yeah, kinda crappy, and that's what we are all going to watch if no local TV broadcast is available.

But, what the heck, bring it on. The odds have always been stacked against us, now, even in TV broadcast. But this would not deter us from supporting. Right?


sports said...

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charlie kogure said...

hell yeah!

i wanna watch swimming... but it can't so, shame on Philippine media!

Anonymous said...

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