Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's been quite a while since I made a movie critique/ review. It's been also a while since I saw a movie worth the time wasted. But I recently saw a movie that is one; The Town.

It starred Ben Affleck and a host of others. Not only did Affleck, starred on this movie, he also produced, co- written, and directed the movie. Kind of reminds me of the greatest producer/director/actor/script writer/ camera man in the history of Philippines Cinema; Roland Gan Ledesma.

The movie is quite long, yet I know I like a movie if it is long and I don't feel sleepy. It is action packed, but not that much to say it is an action movie. It is full of drama, but not enough to say that it is a tear jerker. I should say, it has enough mix of both to make it a decent movie.

The movie introduced us to one face of America that is seldom portrayed in the media, and the movies. We know how rampant the gangsters and drugs are in the US. This movie still had those elements but its spotlight is on bank robberies perpetrated by mafia bosses. This is also the first time  that i knew (but I knew little anyway), that there is such place as a Bank Robbery capital of America, which is, Charlestown.

Bank robbery, has been glamorized in recent movies, more so in the movies Ocean's Eleven up to Ocean's 2000.This one, more or less, speaks more on the human and humane elements of it. The guilt, the desires, redemption, and pseudo love. And yes, bank robbery is a crime. If you're into crime, and with all the lives you destroyed, you are not suppose to be happy if you're into it, and you don't deserve to be happy if you live by it.

The whole movie could very well be summarized by Ben Affleck's final statement. I won't say it here, so that you'll be intrigued by it. It is sane, realistic, and it is how things should be, I believe in a real, and just world.

As always, my observations:
1. Sometimes, you could mistaken guilt as love. 
2. Charlestown is not really the place where the robbery takes place, but rather it is where the criminals live or where its base of operations are.
3. It took quite a while before the movie arrived in Davao, why is it so????
4. GMALL Cinemas are f***ing cold considering the movie was full house.

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