Sunday, November 28, 2010


Deadpool Alone
I got a chance to watch Toy Story 3 with my favorite playmate, my GF of course and I cant help but relate with Andy. But before that, let me tell you that, I simply love toys.

I am a toy player, not a toy collector. For me, a collector will buy, or collect toys without necessarily playing it. They get joy from the fact they they have a hard to find, not necessarily but most of the time expensive, or any highly sought after toys.

Superman VS The Flash 21 k Fun Run
While me, It would not matter how much is the cost, but its the "playability", the value over time playing it that makes the toy valuable to me. I will not hesitate to open a toy from its packaging. A big no no for toy collectors, which preserves the toy in its entirety, because it may devalue once it is opened.

I believe I started playing and "collecting" toys the moment my father gave me literally a sack full of it. Action figures or tao2x, robots, planes, cars, animals, and monsters were its variations.

I don't even play with them the conventional ways. I had back then a basketball tournament, olympics games, a Takeshi's Castle game, and whatever I can think of using those toys.

I must have had more than 2000 toys that have come my way. Some where lost, mostly during our house transfers. Of recent times, many or half of my then toys were washed out during the flood.
Hogan to Thor: San ka naga pa kulot?

I've lost count already, but probably I have still with me around 1500 toys. Back then, during my prime, I have a name for all of them. Now, I have shifted to action figures with names, like Superman, Spiderman, etc. And I no longer have the time to really "play with them".

In Toy Story 3, Andy is 17, and about to go to college, and is no longer playing, but still do love his toys. Me on the other hand, was still literally playing when I was 17. I only stopped playing a year after, when I discovered the greater thrill of solving Mathematics and Physics, but that's another.
Batista VS Goldberg
 Life is a continuous process of change and many changes. Everybody must move on so to speak. As what Andy demonstrated and I have experienced, such time will come wherein you just have to put an end to what you love doing, even without trying. That even the best of things comes to an end, surprisingly, even naturally.

But what left an imprint in me was this thought. May it be a toy or whatever, it is usually hard to give up something that you have a long history with, something that is of value to you, and something that is of meaning, to just anybody. It is not being selfish I guess, but the fear that that someone that you will entrust what you "treasure" will not be able to give even half of the care and importance that you have bestowed.
Paki kamot, di ko ma abot eh!
Anyway, some shots of my toys. These are not really my all time favorites as these toys are the newer one. But they are valued none the less.


Anonymous said...

hahaha I can't help myself but to laugh with your scripts! I mean the caption/s of your pictures... very funny! I like it! hahaha thanks anyway. =)

Anonymous said...

galing!.. your hobby is quite expensive but someday it will pay more than it was bought.. Keep it up.. more importantly the rare ones..

Anonymous said...

gosh i guess we both have the same passion in toys but i play barbies!
toys is really one of the most important part of my childhood! because before! when mom is working out of the country the only thing that eased my sadness is through toys!

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.

Anonymous said...

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