Saturday, June 12, 2010

ID4 (The Annual Banter)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
Happy Independence Day.

Why ID4? Isn't this the American Version of Independence Day? The 4th of July extravaganza?

No, this is not in reference to the American Independence Day on the 4th of July. I just used the ID 4 since this will be the 4th time that I'll be wasting your time on my Independence day blog. The 4th Installment dating back as far as when I was still at 1st blog site.

It is also a Yes, since for the lack of better understanding on the issue, I am one of those who believe that technically our Independence Day should have been on the 4th of July, from the Americans. This is in conjunction with the beliefs of many historians, philosophers, rockers, hip hoppers, constitutionalists, artists, scientists, yuppies, and rapists. (see my previous blogs if you can, to understand what I mean)

But what the heck, do we really still care about these things anymore? Or do we only see these times of the year, as the time of the year wherein a lot street vendors are selling flags and flag lets. The TV shows are flooded with movies about Rizal and Bonifacio, starring Cezar Montano, Joel Torre and Gardo Verzosa. Your local variety shows singing patriotic OPM music and dancing the folk dances to the tune of Lady Gaga's music.

Worse, do we even know what is the difference between (as oppose to who) Jose Rizal and Tony Stark, they are both distinguished lover boys, right? Or Andres Bonifacio and Wolverine, aren't they both fearful and savage fighters? Or Lapu Lapu and the Prince of Persia, aren't they both with royal pedigree?

Like many of us, I also "don't really" know. All I am sure about is that all of them are superheroes. One is real, the other is not. As for who or what is real, well, another hazy issue for me.

Just bear in mind that what they went through. Just for you, and me. In order for everyone of us to enjoy our condition right now.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

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